Friday, 16 June 2017

SUMMERY DAYS - taken from the Children's book of poems Simply Magical

Playing in the fields of maze
The brightest of yellows
Like the sun kissed meadows
All in bloom where there is no more room
For flowers to grow
The field of daffodils still in bloom
The irises in their purple hues
Daisies made into chains
Children frolicking, leaping, everywhere
Lambs a gamboling with a spring in their legs
Jumping, bounding oh so happily
The sun kissed faces leaning to the sun
Whilst everyone is having fun
The sun is now at its highest, brightest
The heat all aglow with a hazy haze
Shimmering, glimmering across the land
The butterflies flitting from flower to flower
Oh such wondrous colours too
There blues, reds, oranges drinking the nectar
To bloom and grow
Oh such wondrous sights and sounds
On a beautiful summers day
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th July 2013
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the book of Children’s book of  poems

© Simply Magical 

MAGIC CARPET RIDE - Taken from the book of poems Simply Magical

Where the wind beneath the carpet is riding you high
Way up high with the birds and butterflies
The swallows and swifts
Swooping, diving to catch a small prey on the wing
There in the distance Swans on the wing too
Maybe off to warmer climates or just enjoying the view
The sky shining brightly hardly a cloud in sight
The sun rays gently, softly letting themselves be known
Oh such wondrous colours and a delight
Pinkish salmon, with a hint of yellow
But here you sit on your magic carpet
Smiling, smiling
With such wonder that is here and there
The ground and land beneath
Lush green meadows
Steep, steep hills and burrows
River and streams meandering
Twisting, turning, zigzagging
Through the fields, horses paddocks and pastures
Near and far
Oh such a sight before your eyes
The gentle breeze blowing through you hair
Purple rosebuds adorn and prettify your hair
As if you are a princess sitting there
Glancing at a kingdom, realm
Or is this just your world?
To live and dream
For once upon a time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
21st July 2013

All Rights Reserved
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

MESSAGES FROM AFAR - taken from the book of poems (c) Simply Magical

On golden wings spread so wide
The dove and messenger flies by
It brings forth peace, love and happiness
Its graceful wings flapping without ease
The dove flies to the fair maiden
He has a message for her from lands far away
She holds out her hand so gracefully
So gently
And there before her eyes she sees
A boat afloat there in the distant seas
In the wings of the dove
The sun a glowing, shining brightly
The sea glimmering, shimmering so beautifully
The mountains as the background scenery
Tall and standing so strong
White snow peaks
All around in the sky are shooting stars
Stars to make a wish upon
Twinkling, blinking, shimmering
Every one of them flickering a message from the heavens above
Puffy white clouds scudding by
Oh why?
This is a starry, starry night!
But here anything can happen in a wondrous world like this
So full of happiness and bliss
A place of mystery, mysteries
Fairy tales and mystical stories
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th July 2013
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the book of poems

© Simply Magical 
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Sunday, 11 June 2017


Oceans deep
Oceans wide
Oceans near and far
From top to bottom
Waves so high
Waves so low
Waves spraying
Waves as white as snow
Tidal waves
White horses
Riding high
Dolphins riding the waves
Through the waves
Leading the way
Out of danger
Their reputations
Hold no bars
They have been the saviors
To all mankind
Shipwrecked at sea
A guiding light
In the midst of the sea
In the darkest of nights
A beacon of light
And hope

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th June 2012

All Rights Reserved