Sunday, 16 July 2017


The shadows of the darkest of nights
We wept, we cried
But we have not died
It is our affair
No one else’s
We call it our date night
Away from the maddening crowds
Away from the staring eyes
Whose eyes pry
Pry into our lives
We stay separate
We want to be left alone
Alone to dance the night away
Evocative, seductive
We want to stay in this smoky room
With just a glimmer of a light
We can keep each other in sight
This is no place for beginners
This is no place where there are endings
A place where there is a license to love
Endless, endless love
Across the room they look at us
But we have only eyes for each other
Dancing evocatively
They can walk on by
But we remain glued to the spot
Eye to eye
Tenderly, evocatively
We hold each other
Never wanting, never needing to let go
Never wanting or needing this date to end
Lovers and friends is what we are
But yet we do not see this in the room
They sit and stand afar from each other
Scowling, frowning at us
We just don’t care
We have just one more hour
An hour!
An hour
We are going to make the best of it
Here and now!
And then away from these crowds
This crowded, crowded room
To be alone at home
Till then we’ll just have eyes for each other
And no other
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th July 2017

All Rights Reserved 

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