Saturday, 9 July 2016

BEFORE YOU (updated poem)

Mystery and mysticism
Enchanting, enchantment
Beauty, beautified
Serenely serene
Before you
A woman to be adored, adorned
A woman to be loved, cherished
A woman to be by your side
Before you
All your dreams come true
Before you
I am here
I am there
And here I will stay
With a love that will adorn you
A lover, a best friend
Before you to the end
No mask, no makeup
No adornments
Before you just as I am
A pure essence within
A pure and simple woman
A woman without an ego
Oh boy how I let the go!
A woman that fell down
A woman who rose much stronger
A woman who is not ambiguous
All that you see is so clear
All that you will feel is so, so clear
Dear, dear
This woman has a heat in her heart
One that will die, fly
This heart flies, flies
So, so high
A heart, heat that you will never eliminate
It’ll burn, burn easily
Breezily, breezily
Like the winds, the sun
The strongest maelstrom
Will never fan it out
So I now I scream and shout
Are you ready?
Are you steady?
Will you be ready?
Can you be steady?
Before you this woman before you
Would, could you love her?
Love her for who she is?
Not the adorned woman
But the stark naked woman
Would you be vague with her?
Would you be truthful with her?
Would you lead her into confusion?
Or be absolutely truthful with her?
Can you be the man for her?
Without judgments!
Before this woman
Would you, can you be her strength
Her everything
Before her
Before me
Can you be?
Be her light in the dark
She’ll be yours
Can you shed tears for her?
Like she’d shed them for you
Before you
Could you tame her restless spirit?
Before it takes over her
Tame her but never lame her
Before you this woman
Would you put her through hell?
Because she would be able to tell
And run, run away
Before you, you and you
She has made mistakes
But she is no fake!
She has erred and erred
But she is human, humane
Before you, you and you
She is caring, kind and gentle
And will always reside
With each and everyone’s hearts
Would you, could you be her hero
She’d be your hero, never a zero
Oh before you
She could never live without her sunshine
Her sunny, sunny sunshine
Oh before you!
Her dawn is just beginning
Hopeful, optimistic
Without a shadow of doubt
Before you
This woman will adore you to the end
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th July 2016

All Rights Reserved

ENTRAPMENT (updated poem)

It has been a set-up
A sting
With all that snaring
Felt trapped
With no escape
Like a noose
Barbed with wires
Coming out of everywhere
The pricking
The stabbing
Ensnared in their games
It might have been
The intent was cruel
Oh what a fool
Ensnared like a fool
A tool to be used
The intent so cruel
Treated like a clown
A joker
In the pack of cards
But hey so what
Isn’t the joker used for some good?
Or has that not been the case?
Oh you stupid, silly buffoon
How did it get this far?
Why didn’t you look?
Why didn’t you investigate?
I guess we all make mistakes
Errors of judgment
Now that is the wrong word to use
Bit harsh and hard
It is not for us to judge
Or be the jury
Maybe a lesson to be learnt
Take it not to heart
As it can eat you alive
A spirit
A soul
The very being can be destroyed
Letting it go
With love and forgiveness
These shackles
What were you thinking?
The knives
The wires
And let it all go free
And face
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th July 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Friday, 8 July 2016


I’m free
Way too long in that lamp
Too long in the dark
This feels like it has been one long stretch
Who put me in there from the start?
Hang on it was that wicked witch
Who lives in the tree stump!

Time to stretch
These bent and buckled joints
And muscles
Where are my feet?
Oh heck looks at my dress
My hair is a mess
Now this is causing distress

I can hear you say I’m going
To ask for three wishes
Hang on a minute…
I think I deserve mine first
O what shall I wish for?

Genie, Genie of the lamp
Oh how I wish that you could be here
And grant me just three wishes
O heck I have just used up a wish
O how I wish that you could
Release me from this wood
And the bind to the lamp
O genie of the lamp
Help me get out of this
So that I can feel such bliss
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


The Beginning of a New Day

Yesterday has gone
With all its sorrows
Today is a new day
Everywhere is green
A renewal day
Spring is on its way
Shining through
Sprouting through
The undergrowth
The warmth of the sun
Like a new born
The reflections of the new
All the colours
And the hues 
Life has begun
The arrival of the
Native wings
Calling to each other
All as one
New life
Will come
Under this new sun
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th July 2016

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 4 July 2016



In a world so full of unfeeling
Disconnected, rejected
Fraught, distraught
Uncaring, despairing
Dispassionate, impassionate
Couldn’t care less
Detached, miss-matched
Disjointed, misappropriated
Who cares? Who dares?
Is this the world and its state and stature?
Could we change it? Can we change it?
Would you change it?
But where does the beginning begin?
Me, you or them
When does it happen the coming together?
As one with feeling, compassion
Jointed, joined enjoyed
That glorious feeling of being together
As family, friends, companions, colleagues
Working together as one
Grasping those feelings
Wondrous, marvellous never to be disjointed ever again
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th July 2016

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 3 July 2016

SNUZZLES ................... Funny and cutee poem

I love you lots
Cos you mean lots
We are brother
And sister
We play around lots
Climbing up the curtains
Scratching lots
The two legs
Don’t like it a lot
But they are stuck with us now
The wanted two sweet kittens
To keep them company
Sit on their laps
On their bed
On their head
And shoulders
They keep us well fed
With a lovely warm bed
Right by the fireside
Cozy and warm
They like seeing us playing
And pretend fighting
But when we nuzzle like this
They go all coooeeeee
And silly softeeee
Saying silly things like
O aren’t they cute
And all that stuff
Little do they know
That we love them so
As well
So let’s keep nuzzling
Just for the show
Oh by the way your nose is cold
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th October 2014

All Rights Reserved