Friday, 3 June 2016


A day full of joy
A day full of hope
A day full of faith
A day minus the jibes
This is my day with all the good vibes
This is my day of total bliss and joy
The sunny sunshine
This is our day of love
A love so divine
The sunny sunshine
Oh be mine!
Who knows where this will lead us?
Where our love grows
Time and time
Alone can be ours
Hearts and hearts
Beating as one
Not alone
The sunny sunshine
All golden
The starry nights
Shining for us so bright
Bright, bright
The sunny sunshine
Golden rays
Gladdening, never saddening
Oh the warmth the heat
That we can never beat!
My vision, vision
My mission, mission
You’re the one for me
And one day we’ll meet
And I know that you are out there waiting
Waiting, waiting
Oh the vision of the dream
Knowing that you’ll be so close to me
One day, some day
Hey, hey
I’ve my arms and heart
Wide open
For you, you!
So boy oh boy

Cos I feel like I need to bellow
 Oh yellow, yellow
Bright and breezy
Make it easy
Make it crystal clear
And be so near
I love you
Love you from this distance
No matter what the distance
I’ll be here waiting
Waiting for you
No matter what it takes!
We’ll make our own mistakes
Along this long, long road
But we have been told
To be patient, be still
It’ll happen in its own good time
So for now my love
Who’ll be sent from above!
The sweetest of dreams
Till we meet
A happy greet
And just remember my heart and arms
Are open wide for you!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd June 2016

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Words and myths and legends
You have been deceived
Lied about
Lied too
Mistake have been made
Fooled in all their tricks
That you are guilty
The one who has made the mistakes
Oh what a fool I feel right now!
They have cheated me
Mislead me, conned me, and fooled me
Oh those grown ups
Who think and believe what is best for me
But I cannot argue with them
They are my elders
They just do not like this
You and I all alone
If only, if only
They would be here all alone
See, watch
This is for real
This is no fantasy
This is reality
Here and now
My hand touching your nose
So wet and soft
You are sitting quietly
And gently
It is like you know
Dad taught me that word
I kept pestering him because he kept saying it
They have a lot to learn
For now this moment I shall treasure
Then mum and dad can come next time
Maybe we can work out a rhyme
So that they can find
What has been on my mind!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
28th August 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the book of wolves poetry
© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I feel honoured and privileged
You made the move
Towards me
This is such bliss
Never been so happy
You circled around me
Time and time again
Still alert sharp, honed
In with all your senses
Then all of a sudden
You just sat by me
Oh such glee
Within this heart
Tears of joy, bliss happiness
So many emotions overwhelming me
Then all of a sudden
You ran and ran
Then you were gone
Right out of sight
Then silence, stark silence
The greyness prominent
Cold, cold air
Damp thick misty air
Now I am feeling the chill in the air
Why, why? What went wrong?
Nothing on my part surely!
I stand for a while
Wondering whether to go or to stay
Should I wait? Or should I go?
Then the silence is broken
From a distance, coming closer and closer
The howling, the barking
Nearer and nearer, I stand so still
Too frightened to move
I see not just one wolf coming towards me
But a whole pack by the looks of things
I dare not move, they are all around me
Sniffing, sniffing, their ears sharp
I dare not speak or make a sound
Eyes wide piercingly alert
The whites of their eyes
So scary to say the least
I am not looking down
I will let them make the move
They are gentle to the touch, warm so friendly
As if they are accepting me
Jostling for a space to get near
I am not feeling any fear, this is a great honor
A privilege
So up close and personal
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th June 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the wolves book of poems
© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin

Monday, 30 May 2016


Lost in a maze of darkness
Everything around me is dashing
Rushing, hustling, bustling
No one seems to stop
And look
At the forlorn maiden in distress
Curled up just like a baby
Weeping, crying
Right out loud
No one can hear her
In this strange, strange
Forgotten place
Dark so dark
Enough to break anyone down
To the skin and bone
This awful night
Foggy, smoggy and murky
Feeling all around
Not a light is shown
From the front of the castle
Dark and dingy
Cold and clammy
Why oh why
Don’t they hear her sounds?
My friend is sat on the icy, icy snow
Crying pitifully
I am staying by her side
All the way through the
The snow
The rain
Never will I leave her side
Protecting, guarding
Growl if I have too
Ward of the evil
The predatory
That could be lurking in this mist
Ne’er worry my lady
I am here right by your side
Never to leave
Here for all eternity
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
31st May 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the wolves book of poems

© Living Under  The Same Sky

Sunday, 29 May 2016



Oh little hummingbird
So beautiful, so tiny
 And oh so fragile
With wings that shine
With the colours of a rainbow
So brightly
And wings of gold spread out so wide

I see from the beauty of mine own eye
How that you fly
What do you see in me so?
That keeps you looking on at me?
Maybe that we both see a beauty
That we both possess
In both our own eyes

From flower to flower
You hover
Collecting the sweet, sweet nectar
That is so desired
And full of power

Sweet Hummingbird
A symbol of the spreader of life
On this earth
And of rebirth
A bringer of peace

You may be small
But have the power
Of an eagle
When needed to protect
Your family

Your reputation is powerful
Held in a high regard
From every Tribal Nation
Across this New World
The United States of America

Sweet, sweet Hummingbird
That will endure
Through life

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th April 2012

All Rights Reserved