Saturday, 21 May 2016

IT CAN RAIN ...............New Poem

It can pour it down
Yet there surely is no frown
Your love is my crown
I miss you so much
I miss your loving touch
This and these moments
Are a scarcity
The rain can keep running down
Just like my tears
Running, running
Streaming, streaming
Till I’m with you
Till you are with me
I’m so sorry for the angry words
Words that I cannot take back!
Words that have hurt you!
Words that had you running away
Now I am living with regrets
Regrets that keep running and running
Through this mind of mine
Memories, memories
Running, running through my head
Now you belong to someone else instead
Time for me to try and keep moving on
On and on
Through this roller coaster ride
That has ripped through this heart of mine
Oh those angry words
Words that have torn our worlds apart
The shame, shame
The blame, blame
Is all my own doing
Now it is your own right
To have walked away
Be with another lover everyday
Here is hoping it will be fortuitous
  And here sit hiding my loneliness
Oh we only have one life!
And oh what a life
Oh boy I shall strive
And learn from my biggest mistake ever!
Forever, forever
When I wake in the morning
It’ll all be forgotten
Forget the past
Forget the words
Remembering the happier moments
The rainy, sunny days 
With the greatest of pleasures
I know this heart will go on and on
Oh boy I shall remember our moments
Of bliss, bliss
Joy, joy
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
21st May 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

POWER AND MIGHT (new poem)

Power and Might
An awesome
And cat woman
A force to be
Reckoned with
Taking on the weak
And winning the fight
No one can win
There is no room
To lose
No chances to take
This would be a mistake
When life depends
On being the best
Stalking the night
By the moonlight
Both walking the night
In need of a prey
Claws outstretched
And waiting
Eyes at the ready
The territory
This is their own
Fending off the unwanted
To their thrown
Making their presence
Well known
Heads held high
A stance
Ready and waiting
To attack
On this black
Black night
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th May 2016

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I DID, AND I DON'T (new Poem)

And it is a definite I won’t
You can say all you want
It’s still I do not want to know
You can masquerade
On your own parade
You know the world that you live in
I’m in mine, so divine
I can sing and dance
To any old merry tune
Not the old classics
You keep passing by
I’ve told you before
I don’t need you any more
I’m solo
Not sorrowful
I’m happy as can be!
I cannot teach this dance
Yeah go on with your glance
As I keep saying
Your career is your choice and doing
Mine is mine
Still heavenly divine
There is nothing more to say
So why stay?
There is nothing more
There is nothing left
I’m not bereft
I’m not going to grieve
I’ll just roll up my sleeve
Hitch up my skirt
And tip tap away
Those vivid dreams not forgotten
Now they seem so rotten
Rotten to the core
Where you wanted to be center of the stage
Take all the glory
Heck you need to say sorry
The cast and crew
Knew and I knew
And here is the final curtain call!
Stop calling
You are no longer welcome
You’re rights to drop by
Are no longer a right!
It’s all wrong
No more flowers
Those yellow, yellow roses
Hung limp, limp
I’m not imploring, pleading or begging
I’m not stooping that low
Just asking, asking
Leave me alone!
The stage is all yours
The show will go on
But not in the written text
So go “Break a Leg”
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th May 2015

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 16 May 2016

PURE ESSENCE WITHIN (now in Paperback edition)

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

A DREAM A VISION (hopeful poem for all wolves across the globe)

It’s all here in my hand
Sitting softly, gently
Looking up at me
The look of wonder
You are howling to me
I can see the sadness
Nothing is gladdening
Nothing is happening
One day my friend it will all end
Your sorrows, your pain
Your anguish
I feel it too
Right here within my heart and soul
Beside me stands a lone wolf
Tall and strong
Alert and observant
Aware of what is going on
He is keeping a vigil
He knows
His senses alert
Ears pricked forward
Is this his kith and kin?
That has yet to be born?
A messenger from the other realm
The swirling clouds encircling
The night sky, azure blue
All that I see is
The brightness of the light
That is in the palm of these hands
And the rainbow
Maybe just maybe
This dream and vision
Will happen one day
Hope is eternal
For now I hold this vision
This dream
I know what needs to be done
Can you trust me?
There is much work to be done
Time is not on your side
This where we come in
We feel it all
We will do our best
We will fight, we will be heard
We are your voice, we are the moment
Right here and now!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th September 2012

All Rights Reserved
Taken from the Wolves book of poems
(c) Living Under The Same Sky