Saturday, 9 April 2016


Oh boy that’s going to make you sick
But hey this chic wants to be slick
So my jeans are ripped
At least I’m zipped 
Can you not hear the beat?
The rhythm and the heat
It’s screaming out loud
It has you on your feet
Prancing and dancing
Without a second glance or glancing 
The mumbo jumbo
This is my destiny
And not so quietly
This has been creeping and crawling
With the swiftest of tides
With the swiftest of waves
Oh boy I cannot change this destiny
It’s up to you
Dance along with me
Or we separate separately
This has captured me
I need to feel the freedom
Of this destiny
I don’t want to walk away from you
I want you to walk with me
Till the end, till the end
I feel you deeply
Your passion
Your magic
You’re my passion
The division, derision
Is driving me insane
This empty space
This empty home
Can we find away?
I don’t care how long it takes
You’re my life and soul
My life would be filled with darkness
You’re the one who brings the lightness
Come and walk with me
Stay and be my heavens above
Stay and be mine, mine
Let me be so, so close to you
Come and be my lifting me off the ground
Where there is no sound 
Come and help me not miss a beat
Oh baby, oh baby
Let’s get this rhythm back!
Let’s get it right
Let’s shine it all through the night
Day and night
I know what you are thinking
I see you blinking
But hey!
You said “You are my every-thing!”
Oh boy I can never, never do anything without you!
I have been by your side
Residing day by day
Night after night
Never leaving your highest place
Your success, I lived through them
And here I am on the cusp
So very alone
And not wanting to be
Be here, be there
For me!
Loving you, loving me
Don’t set me free
I’m not being obsessive
I just need you by my side
With all your love and support
Laughing, crying
Screaming, hollering 
All the way to the top
With a one way stop
Oh boy, oh boy
Never ever forget
It works both ways
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 7 April 2016


We can keep looking back
You know that back tracking
Where there was once happiness
Filled with gladness
Filled with love and devotion
Filled with love and hope
Filled with clarity
And not charity
We keep looking back
At the unhappiness
It’s all down to us!
We ride the bus
Or take the train
Without the strain
We all have choices!
If only we listened to our own voices
The back tracking has no gain
When there has been so much pain
Have you and I dealt with it?
Sorted it out in my minds?
Have we done and dusted it?
So that life goes on
That must go on!
Letting go of the weight
So that we can walk through that gate
Is your choice so admissibly, acceptable?
If so why look backwards
When all we need to do is look forwards
The backwards so sepia
Not colourful
Yet colourful
If has been filled with long held dreams
Strange as it may seem
Yet so seemingly clear
That we held so dear
The looking back at times held no hope
Yet there was a glimmer, a shimmer
But we needed to look forward
That is where the real hope lays
It brings better days
We all have choices
Where there is love and adornment
Love that brings us enjoyment
In those precious moments
The past has gone
Long gone
Maybe just maybe
Hang onto those past precious moments
So what are your choices today?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

CRYSTAL BALL (updated poem)

We all have the magic
That resides within our souls
And beautiful

Look more closely
At what resides
A dove of peace
A love unconditional
So deep inside
A love so pure
And simple
A gift from
Heavens store
For ever more

Take a look more closely
A trust that holds
No bounds
Heaven sent
With a trustworthy intent

Listen very carefully
To what your heart is trying to tell you
Close your mind form the day
And listen to the quiet
Voice instead of the din
A voice so pure
And simple
That eases the pain away

As you silence the noise
And hear your own voice
Then you have found
The person you really are
Not me, just you
Your uniqueness
Let the voice ring
Loud within

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A TIGER WITHIN MY SOUL (updated poem)


I can feel it there
Deep inside
Prowling around
And a growling
Roaring sound.

I can see you
Right in front of my eyes
A vision of
A creature that is so
Colours that only
Belong to you.

 Your colours so rare
Of pure orange and black
Striped from your head
To your straight back
Who wouldn’t be frightened
Or scared of this magnificent
Big Cat.

Your reputation speaks volumes
Some not so good
They despise you
For being a killer
But what is there to do?
They have taken your kingdom
That was your kingdom come.

I see you as a beauty
I feel that beauty
Just like a rose
A symbol of love
Passion, devotion
Low and behold

Dig, dig so deep within
Your soul
Eye to eye
What do you see?
You and me
Fighting for what is right
And not what is wrong
We are of the same
Tigress to Tigress
So powerful and strong
We will never
Be the end

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th April 2016

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 4 April 2016


Beyond the battles
The wars
The brutality
The savagery
There is a battle waging war
A war for peace
Warriors at the ready
They come in all shapes and sizes
Their stance
Is poised their aim is high
Way up there in the sky
Beyond others comprehension
Beyond their control
But in their command
It is their conception
Their knowledge
They have in their grasp
Right there in their hands
One almighty force
The look on their faces
No trace of an emotion
Engrossed in their target
The look so intense, fixated
Dare you to look!
For fear of those eyes
Those eyes which are concentrated
 On their vision
Peace not War
Love not hate
Love and compassion
Let it reside

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th November 2012

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 3 April 2016



The white furred wolf
Prowling for its prey
Baying everyday
We’re very much the same
Hunting out that prey

Our eyes looking
Staring at that prey
Piercing like daggers
You can’t look away

The Wolf Huntress
Mustering all the power
And wisdom
Of the white furred
Knowing when to attack
No turning back
The Wolf Huntress
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd April 2016

All Rights Reserved