Friday, 1 April 2016

APRIL SHOWERS (new poem)

And here I am out there
Enjoying the rain
Washing all the pain
Away, away
And in the distant the beach
Just out of reach
The wind swirling, curling
Round and round
The sounds
Pitter pattering
Scattering the winter away
Spring is here
And here hopefully comes the sunshine
Bringing hope
Bringing in the blooms
The glorious sunrises and sunsets
So let this be the raining month
As it brings in the next season
Summer, summer
The sand in our toes
The walking along the beaches
Searching for those elusive sea shells
That is so buried in the sands
The beaches are still desolate
With the exception of the few
Dogs jumping and leaping
Lovers walking hand in hand
Ducking and diving the waves
Churning, turning
Oh how I wish!
That I had a dish
To walk, to stroll
Along this and that beach
But I know that you are not that far out of reach
You are out there
And I am out there
It’s just a matter of time
When we’ll walk and talk
In rhyme
Summer, summer
The heat, the beat
Of distant drums
Ringing, singing in my head
The rhythm swimming
Swaying, swaying away
Oh come on summer!
Bring on this sought after love
A universal love
All my past ghosts gone
The beginning of new
Please give me the simple life
Free from all of the strife
Walk through this life
Walk through the wind and rain
Where many whispers remain
Yet they are our pasts
That never last
It’s the here and now
It’s the one day at a time
Evenings strolling and walking
In this spring rain
They’ll be washed away
Bringing in the glistening sunshine
Leaving a renewed scent
Of a new day and night
Oh and now I am going home
After this roam
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st April 2016

All Rights Reserved


Taken from (c) Heartfelt Baring All
It has been so long for this ship to have wrecked itself
Along the craggy rocks and shoreline
That has been new and scary all of the time
Beaten, battered forlorn bones shaken and bruised
Tattered, ragged like the edge of a knife cutting through
The shabby, messy and tatty exterior of the ship
Sails shredded with nothing to sail against the winds, rain
And torrents of waves
Left dilapidated open to the currents, sinking, drifting swaying
Tossing and turning with the tidal waves
Surrender to the elements was the only way
Take a course to the nearest shore, danger ahead there be
But surely that is where I need to be?
I would rather try to swim ashore than be swallowed alive
Gasping for breath so near to death
This time instead I find and recover this stealth
That is so abhorrent, disgustingly clear but I must go on
Find the strength the power to thrive, survive and strive
On and on for the sake of how long!
Resuming the good from the bad
That had sent me to a near death
Sunken pallor, sunken stinking ship
I hold so dear so gently to steer
This wayward course of life and limb
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th March 2013

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Our love will never breakdown
Down, down
Oh babe this is whole
My love and I will conquer the world
The oceans and seas our expanse
The lands before us will never break us down
The people can stay invisible
Yet our love will never be obscure
They said our love would not survive
And we can both say
“We have proved them wrong”
They have been silenced
The shadows all gone
We have survived their bitterness
Our love is of the sweetest sweetness
This is what we have been waiting for!
A lifetime of trying to find each other
And here we are
Living and breathing under the moon and stars
Your love is all I need
Flowers you can keep
Diamonds and pearls
Are too superficial
They’ll never touch our love
All the love songs are a mirage
We have our own love story
Poetry can never ever portray
This is now not surreal
Our love is real
You just bring your love
Love, love
To me!
When I’m with you the world disappears
This sea shore, this sea shore
Is our memory, memories!
Where we both met
Just two people idling, lazing
Aimlessly, pointlessly
Strolling blindly
And oh what a rush when our met!
We crashed into each other
Both of us in our own aimless pointless worlds
Wandering nowhere without a care
Oh babe how can we ever forget
The apologizing
The frantic chit chat
The frenetic chaotic disarray
Pulling each other out of the sea
Wet, wet to the skin
Laughing, shouting at each other
Blaming you, blaming me
This never happens in dreams
But this dream has come true
With you, you!
You’ve made me feel whole
When all I thought I had was a gaping hole
Yet here you are and completely filled that empty, empty
And here we are born lovers
And my love is getting stronger
Stronger and stronger
Each and everyday
In everyway
Knowing that we are both
Friends and lovers
And in this world of confusion
We just know, know
That the world can stay confused
Our world is perfection
Where we can stay safe and secure
Oh, oh babe
You have made this world of mine whole
Oh babe
I never want, need this to change
Or be exchanged
This is our completeness
Where we never compete
Oh babe
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th March 2016

All Rights Reserved

THE WISDOM FLOWING (updated poem)

The night so bright
Heavenly azure
Spiritual hue
The moon shining
In front of the spiritual figurine
Owl in flight
Living in the night
But has no fear of the day light
The night is just as scared as the light
Within all this
There is
Ancient knowledge
And the light will always
Dissipate the darkness

The owl’s eyes
Taking in all that surrounds
Land and sky
Listening closely
To subtleties of communications
To bring back to you and I
The wisdom
Soul wisdom
More than intellectual knowledge

Owl seeks us to spend
Time within nature
In silence
Forest, beach or just a quite spot
Listen to all that is around
Any sound
That is around
And feel the sensation
That is all our around bodies
And minds
And inner souls
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th March 2016

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 28 March 2016


Although we fight for
For whatever reason they maybe
There is always the basic
Essentials to be undertaken before hand
The standing on a
Solid ground
Foundations will need
The nitty-gritties
The essential facts and figures
Is our cause worth the fight?
Can we carry out the cause?
Or try to
Others to the cause
As times change
With motions
Not everyone agrees
The causes that are worth fighting for
Or are you standing alone?
And win the cause alone
In this end note
Thank you for standing for the cause

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th June 2012

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Apologies down with the flu

As soon as I am better I will be posting and sharing poetry, and hopefully that won't be too long