Friday, 4 March 2016


So, so bright
That gave me a fright
You’re the man that I’ll spend the years with
You’ve uncovered this soul
You’ve uncovered this heart
This heart that was so, so torn apart
Or as you put it
“Torn to shreds”
You’ve helped heal this heart
You’ve helped heal this shattered, tattered soul
Bringing me back to myself
Instead of me leaving myself on that lonesome shelf
You’ve given me your heart
And now you’re all that matters
And it feels so, so good
That you’re the man that I am going to love
Love you forever and a day
I’m counting my blessings
Daily, daily
And here is sit in the middle of nowhere
Huddled, cuddled
Quietly, silently
Looking, staring
Into the distance
Oh you are my miracle
The flowers bloom
The clouds passing by
Right in front of these eyes
Oh how I was blind to see
Now you’ve made this woman happy
Full of glee
You’ve filled me with such strength
I used to choke on anger
And here you are!
Like a calming ocean
Tempering, calming
This once tempestuous maelstrom
Oh, oh boy I love you
No more sleeping in the darkness
No more living in the bleakness
You are my day and night
Till the day break
This is no secret love affair
The whole world will get to know!
This feels so right!
In the dark and the night
In the day light so, so bright
Oh boy you came with a flash of light
A lightning strike
And here we are!
Wanting, needing the same thing
Love, love
Oh and here we are
Listening to the violins strings
Emotional, emotive
Passionate, passionately 
Just like our love is!
Oh such heavenly bliss!
And one that I shall never, ever miss
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th March 2016

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 3 March 2016


And oh what a fool!
I was blinded to all the pulling this way and that way
Never in one spot or place
Oh what a disgrace!
You had me down
My face in a permanent frown
Never happy
Oh what a fool!
When all I can see that I was just your tool
A tool that you used
Oh what a fool!
A heart in tatters, tattered
Shattered, shattered
And now I can see the cracks
The fractures, the crevasses
That almost had me downed
Oh why oh why was I so blind?
Fooled by your love that what it was
But now I see you for what you were
And what you are!
And glad that it is over
Uncoil this mess
Get myself dressed
In my Sunday best
Get back with my in crowd
Where there is not much crying out loud
You may look!
But I am no longer your book
Turning the pages, page by page
Flipping through the best parts
And tearing them apart
Just like you did with this heart
Oh boy, oh boy
Now I can sing and dance
Jam, jam to my tune
Now I am my own DJ
And the cracks are all mine
Cracks that I’ll not fall through
Oh boy that is the truth
And here I am all over the place
Unbounded unfolded
Swishing, swashing
To my own rhythm
And finding the ecstasy
What you feel is untrue
What you feel is happiness
Is so, so untrue
Through and through
No longer am I banded, blinded
By you, you
This heart will mend in time
And not with your rhyme
Rhyme or rhymes
Over and over again
A constant repeating
Why oh why
I should have known better
Blinded, blinded
By your false, false love
I know I’ll know better next time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd March 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

THERE'S NO DOUBT (new poem)

That I’m going to scream and shout
This amazing, amazing feeling
This feeling of being loved, adored
This heart is ready to love and adore you
It’s ready to put up a fight
Surely I can say there is no doubt
Surely my life has begun once again
Oh babe, oh babe
This is how it should be
You and me
Surrounded by you, you
Enwrapped, enraptured
Oh boy oh boy
You have captured me
Oh the way I am feeling
Oh boy I have found someone that I can trust
Finally, finally
This ladies heart is singing happily
Oh boy and I’ll be so, so true
Night and day
Day and night
Oh babes tell me why you are driving me crazy?
Oh babes there is no more tears, fears
Oh babes is this real?
It all seems so surreal, unreal
Seven whole days to wait!
Baby, baby
No one makes me feel like you do
You’re my world
You are all that matters
Ours is not an ordinary love
I keep wanting, needing 
You, you
I keep feeling crazy, crazy for you
I’m falling, falling
Deeper, deeper with you
Oh babes help me!
Come and take me!
Before I cry, cry
Die, die
Oh babes come and take me
On a high, high!
Oh babes come and take me to paradise
Oh babes your eyes are like diamonds
Shining, shining at me
Shining, shining like the stars above
Shining, shining at me
I cherished each day
No one can take that away
No one, no one
Never a shadow of doubt
Never asking for more than I need
Never demanding more and more of you!
But babes I want to
I need you to fill this empty need
Fill this desire
Set me on fire
Oh cannot stop thinking of you!
Never, ever a shadow of doubt
Oh babes it always feels so good
But, babes I miss you
These nights are lonesome, lonely
Without a shadow of doubt
Oh babes I’m screaming for you!
Come back, come back
And fill these days with you
You, you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st March 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 29 February 2016


Out of this lonesome state
I stand at heaven’s gate
I stand and wait
Waiting, waiting
Hoping, hoping 
I hear your lonesome calling
Deep, deeply
I hear your lonesome crying
As if you are dying
Oh if only I could be with you!
And end your lonesomeness
Oh if I could only find you!
Along this lonesome road
Is there a reason for your broken heart?
Can we join together in the silver lining?
That silver lining
That is shining 
Shining so brightly
Bringing the best hope ever
Hope for all lovers so true
Through and through
Breaking through the broken hearted
The ever departed
Can we lose this moment?
Can we gain from all the moments?
Truly, truly we can!
I’m hoping and wishing on all our todays
Tomorrows with no sorrows 
Hoping, hopeful, hopefully
Can you? Could you
Show me the way?
I truly hope so!
Am I hoping too hard?
Am I hoping that the best is yet to come?
Am I hoping that our hearts will meet?
I truly, truly hope so
Surely, surely
You’ll show me the way
Are we all not looking for the same?
That elusive dream
That elusive love
That elusive feeling contented, contentment
A heart that would never be misused
A heart that feels lifted
Oh I am hoping
That you’ll show yourself
And show me the way
In every way
And keep each other’s hearts so, so strong
Blow away these gray, gray, scudding clouds away
Calm the oceans, seas within
Calm the tormenting bleak, bleak days
Oh come and show me how and the way
Our tomorrows are just a matter of time
I’m holding on, on and on
To this life, life
Show me the way
That all our once upon time will truly come true
Come what may I’ll be holding onto to each day
Show me the way for this heart to beat like thunder
Show, show me!
Show me how we can be
Show me the way
Today and everyday
For the rest of our lives
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 28 February 2016


Eyes so wide
Right back at us
The wise old owl
And learner too
So closely
To any communications
From near
And far
That the
Wise old owl
Brings forth
From the heights
Of the skies above
Eyes turned
To the limits
Growing in wisdom
From all that is in
Defining what is
Gaining confidence
With each
Every new experience
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th May 2012
All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of poems

© Heartfelt Baring All
Volume One
available from all Amazon Stores Worldwide