Friday, 5 February 2016


With a wonderful view
It’s shaded, shaded with colours
Grey, as the day is long
Fanning, blowing and cooling
Whispering softly within the wind
Yet so desperately I try to hide
Hide from your words
Words that hurt so much
Was I the only one in love with you?
Were you ever in love with me?
Am I to walk this lonely, lonely road?
This lonely, lonely existence
An existence that’ll be empty without you
I need to run away
I need to go away
I need to get away
I need to find myself
All I want is for it to pour, pour with rain
Not this sunny, sunny day
All I ever wanted was for you to feel my love
But you pushed it aside
Pushed, pushed
It all away
Now I face this highway
A long, long highway
Alone, sadly alone
Maybe I pinned my hope too high
Too high for you
Was I not good enough?
Or was it that you were not good enough?
My head is spinning, spinning
The clouds swirling, swirling
Twisting and turning
Am I lonely?
Oh boy yes I am
The nights are too long
The lights are on since you’ve been gone
But yet you hurt me with your words
But little do you know!
I know, I know
It’s you that is so, so lonely
You’re too afraid
Scared, scared
It’s you that is not sleeping
You’re the one tossing and turning
Stomach churning
Someday you’ll realize that you were all I needed
Someday you’ll realize that I was all that you needed
Babe I hope that you are reading this!
The full chapter and verse
And here is what I am going to say
People like us should never be in love
People like us should never be alone 
People like us need to find that one love
Oh babe oh babe
Do they know?
Do you know?
Like I know
That we both need a miracle
The miracle is the love we need
Oh babe, oh babe
No one loves you like I do!
Oh babe, oh babe
This anger is burning us both
Where did I go wrong?
Call me, call me
Tell me, tell me
The day you walked out
I’m living a lie
A total lie, a total lie 
I keep telling myself there is no one else
I keep telling my heart it has to be so
But I know, know it is not so 
My heart is screaming
My heart is streaming
My heart has stopped dreaming
My heart has stopped feeling 
So why am I still dreaming of you?
So why do I want to feel you?
Enwrapped in your arms
Where I came to no harm
Oh babe, oh babe
It is so, so hard to say goodbye
And let you go, go
Never, ever be with you again
So for now I’ll stay
‘Hidden from view’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th February 2016

All Rights Reserved  

Thursday, 4 February 2016


A spring day today
Love is in the air
New growth
And undergrowth emerging
Love is in the air
Right now …..
Spring has sprung
For the lovers too
These two know
That they love each other too
But he is not sure whether to ask or not
To tie the knot
Well this being the year of
A leap year
(Bear with me now
 I know that they don’t know that,
But let’s have a good story)
He he
Now Chippy (the male)
Is shy and reserved
But he adores
His Chitty (the female)
He worships the ground
That Chitty walks on
And the trees
That she walks on
And up
And down
He would do anything for her
Nothing a bother
Always a pleasure
Nothing a pain
But he just cannot find the words to say
His words come out all garbled
And not understood
He blushes with shame
And blames himself for his
Silly, stupid ways
‘What am I to do?’
He keeps asking himself
And runs off into the wood
Chitty sees and feels
His pain and concern
And hears all the garbled words
And knows what Chippy wants to
Chitty hatches a plan
For the next day
Knowing that Chitty is around all day
The day being
February 29th the only day
That is a leap year
When the ladies are able to propose
The their men
So Chitty is ready
And waiting for Chippy
To arrive
And surprise him the most
He standing before me
Looking all forlorn
And worried
I pluck up the courage
And just say it out loud
‘Chippy please marry me?’
Chippy is looking stunned
And now I am worried what he is going to say
And all of a sudden he stammers
‘I willllllll marrrrrrrrrrry you
Chitty just say when’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th Mary 2012

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Life is a course of hiding
Disguising ourselves behind painted faces
Masking the truth
Veiling our face with hoodies
Hiding, hiding
Hiding away
Their faces
How do we know what you are like under all that covering?
Are you a complicated being?
Unsure of yourself
Difficulty in revealing the real self
In this life of obscuring ourselves
Is there any element that needs revealing?
Our true selves
How much would you reveal?
And lay bare?
Would you dare to?
Would life be more challenging without the veils?
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Venture into the unknown self
Gain a life of purity and love
Those masks
Defying those masks
Revealing the true and real person
Baring all
Facing all
Defying all
Are you brave enough?
To bare the real you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
27th June 2012

All Rights Reserved 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Cascading years and fears
Downwards flows
Washing away the fears and tears
Washing away the wasted years
The rocking, rocking rocks
That has toppled, collapsed, tumbled
Your world
Tattered, battered, shattered
As you have slid and slided
Way down in the depths
Of despair
But down there in the despair
There is a light a shining
Shining so bright, maybe just a glimmer to you and I
But it is there within the tumbled weeds
The moss the stones, the grit and grime
That has gathered over time
Yet you look, seek and never find it!
Why look to me for it?
If you take that long, long look within
You’ll find it!
Your despair, your life with no care
I’ve done all I possibly can
It’s time to say goodbye
It’s time that you left me alone
It’s time that you not keep visiting me
It’s time that you find your own path
A path of enlightenment
A path that will lead you to a better environment
Look to the great outdoors
It’s there, it’s there
Look within yourself
It’s there, it’s there
Don’t glare
Don’t stare
Like you do not care
Like you do not want to
Like you want to live in a world of despair
I don’t want or need to be part of that pair
My life is elsewhere
You know this
You know that
I cannot be part of your tit for tat
I won’t let it
I won’t let it
I cannot let it
I’m not in despair
Please talk with your partner!
You know the current one
The one you love?
The one who is in your circle
The one who is not in mine!
Remember and never forget
We don’t have anything in common any longer
We’ve spent it all if you can remember
The dancing, the chit chatting
The heads together
The whispering so no one hears us
That has all stopped
I’ve stopped it
You now need to know the boundaries
And never to cross them
Is all I expect!
Nothing less, nothing more
So please, please leave me alone

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd February 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 1 February 2016


Healing these shutdown feelings
The anger the pain
The fear, the sadness
Held deep within
Emotions so jumbled, mumbled, muffled
Screaming and shouting silently within
Letting this breath out
The freshness
Filling this body
The greenness of regeneration
The lightness of the touch
Wafting the leafy green leaves all around
Shimmering in the lanterns light
The feeling of grounding
Rooted to the spot
Oh this feeling is so good
So good
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th December 2012

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

GREEN EYED MONSTER (another part of my life story in verse/prose)

Why be so green with envy?
What is it that makes you so envious?
I am living the dream, the dream held for many years
You do not want it to happen, but it is too late to stop
You can give me hell and the devil as much as you want
But the green eyed monster within you will send you to the same place
He loves the envious, those that hold the envy
Those that have destroyed their own souls
Their own happiness, their own joy
He loves those that have lived without love
Without a passion, a life without a soul
He is in his bliss and joy
His fire is burning he is stoking the fires for the Green Eyed Monsters
Of this world and life
He is rubbing his hands together
He is cheering, he is taunting you
He so loves you now!
The devil has his door open waiting for you!
The fire is stoked, hissing, crackling
His visions of a mocking, scornful, sarcastic person
Morbidly envious of family and friends
The cutting the cut throat remarks
Oh boy is he loving you all!
And boy oh boy aren’t you dressed like the devil’s partner in crime!
He loves you; you are just like him all the way
So what are you going to do?
Destroy yourself or change the ways of
The Green Eyed Monster

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th March 2013

All Rights Reserved