Sunday, 30 October 2016


It’s driving me nuts
No ifs or buts
I cannot abide it
It sounds old and decrepit
Just like that record on the old juke box
You know the one
That goes on and on
It screeches and whines
Like a violin gone wrong
Played over and over
So here I go with a new one
It’ll be melodic
And oh so, so symbolic
Symbolic insofar as you’ll be far away
Far, far away
And these symbolic words portray it that way
And maybe one day
Just maybe one day
We’ll never play others games
That ended in bitter recriminations
Yet still I love you!
Through and through
But we threw it all away
Yet there is always the hope
There is always the truth
That you were my first true, dear love
We acted like two teenagers
Running wild and free
Running with the crowd
Running with the wind
Oh how could I resist desist
Oh I can hear a melody once again
The fever pitch of the violin
Not the screeching and whining
But of the violin strings being gently, gently played
Softly, softly
Quietly, quietly
Two violinists
Playing solo in two different orchestras
The loneliness, the separateness
Oh how I still love you my dear sweetness
And now we are free
When you were all I needed
When you are all I need!
This is the way it should be
Together, forever
Not two concert violinist going solo
Trying to forge a new beginning
I’ve watched you in the wings
I’ve watched you in the concert halls
You’ve looked troubled, sorrowed
Oh how I needed, wanted to be there with you
So here I stand solo
Solo violinist
Trying so hard to play a new tune
Modernistic, romantic
That’ll have the audiences wanting more and more
Dancing to the rhythmic beat
Dancing to the heat in stadiums
Bodies swaying
People with their banners
Asking for more and more
New memories
Yet I remain sentimental for the old days
The good old days
The sunny, sunny old days
So play, play to the new rhythm
Bring the cheer to your hearts and souls
With the rhythmic violins
Not the dreaded old rhythms
Bring the smiles to the faces of the world
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th October 2016

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'M A DREAMER (New Poem)

I’m a believer
And any dream I will retrieve
Retrieve for prosperity
Not for the riches that money can buy
But for the comforts, that’ll help me pass this by
I’ll stretch and pose
But I’ll hold my head up with poise
It’ll always be always
Loving, loving you
Through and through
This stage is not mine
My stage is elsewhere
Where there is more care and care
And the biggest of them all the breaks
Breaks from the heartaches
I have forgiven myself!
All the wrongs that I have done
The grudges now dissipated
And all I now need is just to be friends
Nothing more or less
This disheveled life is free from strife
Only because I have filled in the cracks
The fissures  
The fractures
Fractures that have seen me broken
Battered and shattered
And now all I feel is freedom
Freedom to be me
So here I stand believing in the future
Believing that one day
You won’t forget to pass this way
The real, real you!
Not the one that is full of pride
The one who is not afraid to hide
Hide behind an ego
Egotistically puffed up and out
There is no going back to the start
Are you still searching?
Are you surviving without me?
Is it cold in your limelight?
Is there someone to ease the pain?
We cannot go back to the start
Then let’s make a new start
Where we can remain friends
I truly believe we can be
If only, if only
I change, change
I’ve lost the trust
What comes round, comes round
Lost the trust with you
How do I ever get that back with you?
If I let you in would I could i?
If I let you in, you would need to prove
Prove to me that I can trust you
You broke that trust!
With broken trust throughout the years
See it is just me letting you know how I feel
But I am tentatively learning
That huge word
Yet I am a dreamer
A believer
Composing my composure
With all my emotions 
Hoping and wishing
That we can be friends
And stay friends
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th October 2016

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

ALL IS CALM (New Poem)

As I sit here quietly calmly
The sun all aglow
There is peacefulness, stillness
That I am thinking about
That resided here long ago
It was filled with love and hope
A love that I so dreamily hoped for
But that was long ago
Today is filled with hope once more
A chance to wish
A chance to live
A chance to be happy
To dream the dreams
Where it will seem so real
Real, real, real!
Is it right to feel?
Is it right to want that feeling?
When all I really wish and hope for
Is someone to love me!
With all their heart and soul
As this heart is ready to love you
Adore you
Cherish you
Be your best friend
Be your lover
Be your heart and soul
Oh boy do you dream the same things?
If so come and find me
I will search high and low
For this elusive love
As I am sure that you are also
One day, one day
One day, one day maybe
That is not that far away
We’ll make sweet music
Together, together
Hoping, hoping forever
If we were together
Eternally, eternally
You’d be my passion
A passion so strong, strong
I’d never get enough of you!
When we swoon, swoon into unconsciousness
Oh such bliss, bliss
The silent, silent silence
Where we never need the words
Oh I’d never get enough of you
You’d teach me the real meaning of love
I’d teach you to
We’d never get enough of each other
Oh these wonderful feelings
That is so wished and hoped for
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th October 2016

All Rights Reserved

Saturday, 1 October 2016

LOVE IS NEVER QUESTIONABLE ............... (updated)

It hits you like a ton of bricks
When you least expect it
Love never plays tricks
Love comes and goes
Love is like a whisper across the shores
The oceans
The mountains
Across the miles and miles
A great tidal wave washing over you
Taking your breath away
Rocking your very foundation
Love moves mountains
How can love be questionable?
Why does it need to be questioned?
Why analysis it?
Love is unfathomable
That is why my love for you undeniable
That is why my love will carry you
Through and through
So true, true
With all your love that has carried you away
Away, away across these oceans
Life is too quiet without you
The hustling and bustling
Has been hushed
Oh how I let you into this heart
Never believing that we would be apart
It smarts, smarts
But as long as you’ll always know
Our love will continually grow
We fought, we argued
Before your leaving
Now it is time for us to move on
Let’s move from the past
There is no one else to blame
Only, only ourselves
Please, please let us leave it all on the shelves
We both stated our cases
We both talked and talked
We both did the walk, walked
And you walked!
And never stay don’t, don’t
Because I won’t, won’t
This love of ours is never, ever questionable
Should I move on?
Then I shall not have you!
It’ll tear my heart apart
Ripped, ripped apart
This love of ours should never, ever be questionable
Are you questioning this love of ours?
Whilst being miles and miles away
I feel like walking on those hot, hot coals
You felt morally insane
Over and over again
Yet you want more and more
Yet alone, alone
Alone forlorn
Sticking to the rules
Not thinking of others that cross your paths
Paths that are forgiving
Paths that are forsaking
Yet it is your right
To go your own way
Sail away to your own fame and fortune
This is your own life
And maybe I’ll know you’ll be alright
And maybe one day I will be too
So never question this love that was once ours
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st October 2016

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 1 September 2016


The windows of our souls
The shining light
So bright
Glistening a golden light
I hear you, I feel you
Even though we are not touching
I feel the pain
The heartbreaking
That is affecting you
I feel deep too
I can feel your tears
Your fears
The sadness in your eyes
I am crying inside too
The wrenching
The twisting
The pulling
The tugging at my heart strings
My beauty
My friend
I see it too
What you are telling me
Is all so true
Eye to eye
Face to face
Beauty with grace
Nobility, dignity
All just a formality
I feel the solemnity
Your seriousness
And the earnestness
Shows in your face
Time will tell
Time will come
Time will go
But this is here and now
So let there be no soberness
Happiness in this moment
Cheering cheery
Even though we do not feel like it
I am here never fear
For we are as one
With no one else
Just us
Your and I
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
27th September 2012

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the Ebook/Paperback editions
(c) Living Under The Same Sky
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin

Friday, 26 August 2016


These great mountains and the skies
There is a spirit that passes us by
Maybe once in a while
His greatness and his grace
His presence we embrace
Above and beyond
The Great Spirit that is wolf
Once was
And told of

Above and beyond
Stories once told
Battles of old
But above and beyond
This character will behold
His presence is now held
With the old and the new
Who knew this great!
Spirit way above
And beyond

Above and beyond
His spirit will shine on
Just like the morning sun
Never ending
Never ceasing
Always begun

Above and beyond
The pack he belonged
Lives on
Way beyond
The rugged terrains
The snowcapped mountains
His spirit will remain
And reign
Way above and beyond

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd May 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the eBook/paperback editions
© Living Under The Same Sky

© Teresa Joseph Franklin