Saturday, 2 January 2016


True love will last till the end
I’ll protect you from the storms
The rocking and rolling waves
I’ll be with you till the end
If the storms get too much
I cradle you in these arms
Gently rock you
We’ll watch the ever never ending
Sunrises, sunrises
The ever never ending suns going down
We’ll watch the moons rising, subsiding
Rising, subsiding
Dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn
My heart is yours
My heart wants to be with you
All I want is to give you the best of my love
Let’s keep our eyes to the horizon
And let’s make this love last longer
Forever, forever more
I just don’t want to let go
Let you go
Let you go
Let’s show each other the way
The way to go
The way to go
The way forward
I want to watch you silently breathing
Never wanting to leave you
Oh babe I just cannot get enough of you
Oh babe let me be
You’re night and day
Day and night
To the end
Let’s not let this end
I’ll always be here and there for you
For always be in your arms
Where you’ll never come to any harm
Let this be the beginning
Without any ending
I’ll wipe every tear
Calm your fears
Throughout the weeks
Throughout the months
Throughout the years
Let this be throughout our lives
And you’ll always have my promises
Never to be broken
Let this love flow
Just like a river
Just like the oceans tides
Far and wide
Deep, deep and deeper
To the end
To the end of our days
To the end
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st January 2016

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 31 December 2015


Upon this shores gate
This wide expanse that is filled with waste
It stretches beyond the lands and hands
Those have laid their hands upon
Looked upon
Walked upon these sands
Whilst I am here standing and waiting
I look out to the distance
The waves rising and falling
Just like our love
Never knowing whether we are
Coming and going
Just like two passing ships in the night
For a short while you are here
Oh such bliss I can hear
This heart has been touched
So very, very much
It is so hard when we depart
It tears this heart
So wide apart
Oh this aching, aching heart!
The absolute sheer ecstasy
The thrill so bliss
The excitement with your kiss
The passion in your touch
Oh the love I feel so much
The happiness that we feel
A happiness that feels surreal
The pleasure and the pain!
What more can we gain?
You have me in a trance
 With just one glance
Come back my lover!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st January 2016

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


There was a time that I’d lost you
Lost you in time and space
It was a time that you erased
Erased, eradicated me from your life
You captured this heart then tore it apart
My heart felt so battered and bruised
And all you ever wanted was to be my muse
I sure as hell was not amused
How did I not see the being used?
How did I lose myself with you?
How much did I lose?
One hell of a lot
So here I am in the lost and found
There is no sound
Just an empty, empty silence
The wind howling
I’m trying not to scowl
Picture perfect face
With not a trace
Yet there is a trace
Right here, right here
So very, very near
My eyes so sore with crying
Inside feels like I am dying
The log fire is burning away here
But not bringing any cheer
The sun outside shining so clear
Yet within me it is so, so dull
The light and the life
That was so evidently here
Has gone, gone
And here I sit alone
Tempting it might be
Tempting it could be
To go outside
There are too many memories
Out there!
Where we both used to care
You made me believe
That we were so, so true
Through and through
So how can it be so wrong?
Wrong, wrong
To feel so blue
Through and through
I fell for you like a stone
Now I feel like a cold, cold stone
The whole world seems so cold
There is no warmth out there
And here also
Every room empty
Filled with emptiness
Your memories, your ghost
Still exists
I’m so lost and yet to be found
Given time and space
It will happen!
All that is needed, required
Is to find myself
And get off the shelf
Get off the floor
Out of this solitary existence
But not just yet
This bird will fly
As time passes by
From this subsistence
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 27 December 2015


With an open hand from heaven
I blow you this kiss
With loads of happiness
The pleasure I get to give you
For each and every one of you
It comes with much blessedness
For the whole day through
I see you below
Watching the sky, moon and stars
And all the planets too
Ribbons of light and colours
Purples, blues, oranges, green
All wrapped and snuggled for you
The flowers billowing, fluttering their petals
Oh look they are waving too
The birds in the sky, flying high
Flapping their wings in tune with the breeze
So for now I must say bye, bye
And wish you all a merry day
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2013

All Rights Reserved


On golden wings spread so wide
The dove and messenger flies by
It brings forth peace, love and happiness
Its graceful wings flapping without ease
The dove flies to the fair maiden
He has a message for her from lands far away
She holds out her hand so gracefully
So gently
And there before her eyes she sees
A boat afloat there in the distant seas
In the wings of the dove
The sun a glowing, shining brightly
The sea glimmering, shimmering so beautifully
The mountains as the background scenery
Tall and standing so strong
White snow peaks
All around in the sky are shooting stars
Stars to make a wish upon
Twinkling, blinking, shimmering
Every one of them flickering a message from the heavens above
Puffy white clouds scudding by
Oh why?
This is a starry, starry night!
But here anything can happen in a wondrous world like this
So full of happiness and bliss
A place of mystery, mysteries
Fairy tales and mystical stories
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th July 2013

All Rights Reserved