Sunday, 20 December 2015


There is nowhere to hide
I cannot disguise or be disguised
I am open and revealed
Baring all
My heart like and open book
Crazy with passion
Crazy with hope
Insane, insanity
Washes over me
You make me shine in the dark
Where there was once so much bleakness
A woman who was so meek and mild
She is still here!
But you have changed her
It is so much greener now
The colours accentuated
I’ll give you the best
I’ll give you the future
You’ve untangled this web of distrust
You’ve untangled this web of loathing into love
You’ve changed me into loving you and myself
You’ve changed me totally
This is the time to say you are my sun
My moon
My stars
My eyes up to the heavens
Happy, happily
Not a cloud in sight
Just an undescrible
Aura of light
So bright
That I cannot fight
And all because of you!
I’m in so, so deep with you
And never want to come out
Without doubts
You make me want to dance in the rain
You make me want to sing in the rain
Oh my love sent from above
The one and only that has freed me
I’m never letting you go!
Like I know you’ll never let me go
I’m so much in love
That it hurts deep inside
Where you’ll always reside
You never critically critic
You edge me to the rightfulness
Lead me to fearlessness
A brand new woman
Looking at herself
In all her nakedness
Oh my guy this is heaven
Wanting to dance to the rhythm
To the beat
To the rhythms heat
Naked, naked
Naked truth
Let’s keep to this beat
And never, ever stop
Sway to the rhythms beat
Feeling our bodies heat
Heat, heat
I’m so, so crazy about you!
You, you!
I don’t want to be alone
Alone, alone
For ever more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th December 2015

All Rights Reserved