Friday, 18 December 2015


A woman that won’t conform
A woman that won’t give a damn
A woman that’ll do what she wants
A woman that’ll jump ship when all goes wrong
A woman that’ll beat her own drum
Drum, drum
Bang, bang
Slam, slam
A woman that’ll blow her own trumpet
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
A woman that’ll strut her stuff
Pout her mouth
At you, at you
Guess what?
She’s a woman born free
Free, free
Spirited, spirited
Hoist her sails
Whether you like it or not
I’m not proud
But boy oh boy I can be loud!
If you want to sail this ship
Right from your hip
Then come on by
And say hi
And maybe, just maybe
We’ll get on just fine
Will we wine and dine?
Then hopefully be mine?
Maybe over time
Year after year
There has been manier tear
I’ve sailed the many oceans
North and south
East and west
But every sail billowed
With emptiness
The decks sparse
Oh come on babe lets sail away
Escape, escape
I miss you
Miss you much
Miss your touch
I’m out of control
Out of control
Come and take this helm
Steer me in the right direction
Can we dive into each other’s oceans?
Sail off into those wide blue oceans
Where we’ll never come back
We’ll give each other some slack
We’ll pout
We’ll shout
We’ll see who we are
Sail so far
I’ll see who you are!
We’ll see what we are made of
We’ll watch the birds above
We’ll cling to each other
Through the rocking, rolling waves
So come on over
And tame this bird
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 17 December 2015


I’m in too deep
But I want to keep you
Never leave you
Yet I want to walk away
Away, away
I was once a silhouette
Walking in the shadows
The dark, dark shadows
Nothing real
Nothing surreal
I used to turn away
At lovers walking by
Hand in hand
Looking at each other lovingly
A woman and a man
Oh how I coveted
Wanting, needing
Needing, wanting
A man of my own
Walking hand in hand
I listened to love songs
Sobbing, weeping
Wishing, dreaming
That was me with my man
Just you and I
Me and you
Then you came
Out of nowhere
Like a maelstrom
Wondering, pondering
Why did you take so long!
Believing it would never happen
And here you are!
My dream, my wish
Yet I am so, so scared
It’s a pure love is ours
A love untainted
I cannot resist
I’m listening to reasons
The logical, the feelings
I’m closing my eyes
Then I open them
And you are still here by my side
Where I always want you to reside
This new love is bliss
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Singing, singing
Shouting out loud
That I must listen to love
My open heart
I must listen to love
This sweet, sweet love
This deep, deep love
This gentle, gentle love
Turning my world around
This heart goes out to you
Pounding, beating
Softly, gently
And my tears keep pouring
Pouring in happiness
And here we are
Crossing this bridge
A new bridge
A new beginning
In the lashing rain
Forgetting all my pain
Where there was nothing to gain
And this where I keep your heart
Where I’ll never let you go
Listening to my intuition
Singing a happy song
Yet this love scares me so 
Yet I love you in the here and now
Whatever the weather
Your love is brighter than the shining stars
Whatever the future holds
I’m holding onto the here and now
This love scares me so
But I’ll never let you go
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


So stop walking through my door
It’s time for you to leave me
I’m stronger now
I’m not the weakling anymore
I don’t need your advice
I’m past those weak, weak moments
I can handle my own affairs
Oh and by the way with such flair
This is my home not yours
The invitation was and still is rescinded
You may say
“I still care”
Okay I totally agree with you there
But why oh why
Keeping coming by?
Do you not realize?
There was a time I kept looking
Watching and looking at you
Deep within I found it to be a wonderful distraction
But now! With you watching me
It is now disturbing
You watch every step that I make
My every waking moment
Please come on I have stopped
What do you see in me?
Are you full of envy?
Just take a long, long look
The woman you see before you
Is so, so true to herself!
There is now serenity!
She is holding her own
Time is on my side
Like it is with you!
You have your own crowning successes
And in time so will mine
We move in different circles
Yours in the acting
Mine in the writing
You may say they are connected
But your world is not for me!
And please, please stay out of mine
My circle is complete
Completed, completion
I’m forward thinking and in motion
Like a runaway train
But I have control
And what is more is I love it!
No machines breaking down
The wheels are in motion
Oiled and greased
There is no stopping me!
This is making me happy!
Take a long, long look
And remember what you took!
You’ll never be able to hide
It’ll always reside
Reside in those recesses
Of your mind
But I guess you don’t have conscious
And I just don’t need you anymore
My ship is a sailing upon the shores
Heading in a direction for evermore
So this is a final
The curtain of this play
Has been drawn to a close
Drawn by me
And not you
Because I don’t need you anymore
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 14 December 2015


Lost in a world of fantasies
Fantasies, fantasies!
A world full of love and doom
The gloom in this room
Love, love
Oh love me please?
Lost in a world of falsies
Trapped, entrapped 
In this ugly side of love
The walls feel like a prison
I cannot reach out to you!
You’ve built these walls
I can escape
There is a shaft of light
To my right
What are you scared of?
Laying those feeling so bare
Bare, bare, bare!
What are you waiting for?
I’ve laid those, these feelings bare
Naked, naked
What is it that you cannot bear?
Can you not see that I care!
Care, care
Love is not ugly
But it is to you
You do not feel safe
You keep yourself locked
Do you know how it feels?
I feel so cold
Shivering, quivering
In my nakedness
Wanting, needing you to come out of the darkness
You’re living in a world of fantasies
Where there is no truth, trust, honesty
You’re not listening!
You’re the one floating on air
Without a care
This heart is heavy
Heavy, heavy
Please come and free me
From these burdensome walls
I don’t want to make it on my own
This heart wants to be owned
Owned by you!
And only you alone
Free me, free me
Free yourself
Free yourself
Free yourself from the shackles
Free yourself from those walls
Love is not ugly
Love is beautiful
Love is wondrous
Love can be complicated
But love can be serene
Serene between two
Come into my world that is so true
True, true
Love can be bitter sweet
Yet so sweet, sweet
I’ll keep pushing these walls
That is so tall
And boy oh boy it is up to you
The love is here
The love is here
Here for you always
Day in
Day out
Come rain or shine
This girl wants, needs you to be mine
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th December 2015

All Rights Reserved