Saturday, 12 December 2015

IF I LET YOU IN (is being set to music )

If I let you in would I let you win?
If I opened my heart would you tear it apart?
If I let you into these concrete walls so tall
Where would we be at all?
If I let you in would we both win?
Should I let you in when you keep stumbling on the floor?
Should I let you in when you cannot stop knocking on the door?
Is it worth all the risk to let you in?
Should I let you in where I keep all my secrets safe?
Should I let you in in my deepest places?
Where I have kept myself safe
Are you playing it safe?
Or just a playing kind
Where I do mind with your mind games
That is why I won’t let you in with your fame
If I let you in would you make this house a home?
Or would you rather roam?
Is it worth it to be hurt like before?
Are you worth the risk to be let in?
And you keep saying
“I am not sure”
So why should I let you in?
Prove yourself to be let in!
Prove, prove
Because I shall move away from this door
Where you will be no more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th December 2014

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 10 December 2015


The Longest Winter Season
It has dragged its heals
The long drawn out meals
The dark, dark nights
Just a glimmer of lights
So many faces
Distant but near
Crying in anguish
I feel it too it was distant keeping its distance
The suffering, the pain, the agony I felt was in vain
Or was it in vain?
The dreams the visions
All now what seemed a dream?
Were real, cascading through this mind
The fir trees shedding their cones
The mistletoe the rose
Oh now I so want, need to curl in a ball
To be comforted, soothed from this troubled tormented sorrow
Shroud myself in an invisible veil
Away from this world, would this be to no avail?
But it helps to be shrouded with this veil
Brings a comfort, security, peace and wisdom too
Maybe not for you!
I am not a prisoner to it
I see clearly, clarity,
Lucidity, simplicity,
I need this veil adorned never embellished
My thoughts and feelings privately cherished
No intrusions, private, no secret
The world can wait
On this
The Longest Winter Season
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Time comes and goes
Time flies by
Time can drag its feet
When all we want or need is for it to fly by
Sitting constantly watch
For the hands of time to move on
Nearer to the time we want
Just like love
It takes time to know it
Recognize it
Feel it
Realize it
Understand it
Appreciate it
And be aware of it
The affection
The adoration
Fire and the passion
Love comes in time
When it is ready
It is there waiting
To be held
Its sweet, sweet scent
Persuading you to take that step in
Is the essence

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th December 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Just a simple person
Sitting quietly, unassumingly
Yet I am not alone 
The world surrounds me
The people, the animals
The sun, the moon
The stars way above
But yet you say that I am alone
Lonely, lost and confused
So here goes!
All my thoughts, words, feelings
Written in complete verse
Without the rhyming
And no timing
As this is going to take time
It’ll be like climbing a mountain
A sprouting fountain
Written honestly, truthfully
With total conviction
One step at a time
If I was to paint pretty pictures
That is so unreal
Yet so surreal
Would you still love me?
Would you still want to be with me?
Would you fill this empty heart?
A heart that has been torn apart
Can you, could you
Heal this heart
Fill the lonely, lost and confusion with
Peace and calmness
Would you, could you
Lay the past to rest and live our own truths
Live that once held dream
We both held so dear, so clear
I loathe this being sexy and single
We’re both floating in the air
I care, I care
Do you?
There is so much that has been left unsaid
Is it too late?
Is the picture perfect?
Yet it does not justify the agonizing agony
Under the bridges
There is no lost or found
Just an endless river flowing and flowing 
Downwards, downwards
Can you hear my truth?
Can you feel my truth?
Can you feel my reality?
Do you know my reality?
Can we find away today?
Can we feel the freedom to be?
You’ll never be alone
I’m here and there hopefully
Totally if you’ll only just let me!
Can we walk through that fire?
That fire of desire
Passions, sensual passions
Call me, call me
And I’ll come running
And I’ll be right there
I don’t want to say goodbye
I want to come by
I want, need you
And I know for certain you do too
For crying out loud pick that dam phone up
We cannot always live in hope
Dangling from each other’s ropes
My rock, rock, rocking guy
Come and complete your rock chick
And make it quick 
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 7 December 2015


Even though you have gone!
You’ve used and abused
You’ll never know the truth
Your own head in the lofty clouds
Doing your own thing
Wanting your own thing
Manier woman you have broken in two
You’ve played the seductive tune
Seduction personified
Your fingers playing, playing
Jazz, Jazz
Now it feels like a war in my heart
Did you think or believe
That I had a bullet proof soul?
My love was like no other
But it was a bother
A bother to you!
Sadness, sadness
You just took it all
And still the tears keep a running
Yet you did not appreciate this out of the ordinary
You wanted uncomplicated
You wanted a LOVER!
You wanted a friend
But I truly know it was not like that!
You were and are bloody scared!
You’ll never find that elusive love
Because she is right under your nose!
Nose, nose
Because she knows
She knows you!
You are too afraid to be alone
So you say!
Sweetness, sweetness
Make your mind up before it is too late
And that gate
Will be permanently shut
And no one will want to know you!
I have the memories
Memories that were and are still precious
But I cannot go backwards
Memories are not enough
I want more than that
I couldn’t have loved you more boy
But you didn’t
Yet I know you
Know you, know you
Loneliness is a killer
A killer of the heart and soul
A void, a void
You so avoid
Yet I’m hungry for life and love
That you cannot give
Or can you?
Or could you?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th December 2015

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 6 December 2015


Taken from the anthology ‘Warrior Women’
As of yet not published
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

Whilst walking these precariously unbalanced
Worlds of ours
A world that tosses, turns and churns
This way that way
Inside and outside
Shakes us agitates us too
The blend of sorrow and pain array
In the array of entitlements
Wants and needs
There stands a stance
For instance
Walking precariously with doubt fear
And tears
That the future is never clear
Clear cut without doubt
A shadow of a doubt
So we walk the walk
Without the talk
Until we see the hero, heroine
The bravest of the bravest souls
Bravest of hearts
With our own beauty and grace
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th December 2015

All Rights Reserved