Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Heavy, heavy
Like a stone in this heart
A heart tuneless, meaningless
String less
A heart and soul
Screaming, screeching
To be fixed!
It’s a heart and soul
Crying out so loud
It’s a heart and soul
I’ve left on the shelf
Ignoring myself
The pain and misery too much to bear
I cannot bear to hum along with
The guitar now pointless
I can no longer strum along with
The words and tune
My feet have stopped tapping
To the rhythm and the beat
It’s hurtful, painful
Treacherously dangerously
That is showing my
I’m being underhanded
And so were you!
But not in your way was I
The strumming has ceased
And now there is no peace
Just this emptiness
Without your happiness
You left this world too early
You left with a huge void
We toyed
We enjoyed
All the laughter and the tears
You faced your fears
But you have left me too early!
Too early, too early
Now I am facing my tears and fears
Without you, without you
Strumming the blues
Loneliness is a big scary animal
Love is and was here
I cannot strum any cheer
You left me too early
Miss you, miss you
Miss you nights
Miss you days
Miss you with my heart and soul
Too much rocking to the music
This song is going nowhere
And now I cannot go back
But how can I go on?
Yet I need to cross this river
Yet I need to cross those bridges
Strumming, strumming
Wondering, wondering
Pondering, pondering
Where do I find my voice!
Your void, your void
Our void
Scattered to the wind
Where I cannot rewind
Lay at peace
Be at peace
My heart and soul
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th November 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Bent and buckled
The lowest of the lowest
The gutter sniper
The one that deserves to be there
Oh yeah!
Well heck if that is what you
Think and believe
Watch this!
Fifty, fifty
I let it happen
Oh what a fool
Intrusion too
What the heck was I supposed to do?
Heck I’m still standing
My defenses
Gained access too
Creeping around
Oh what a fool
Trusted you
Believed you
Confided in you
Thought that you were trustworthy
Oh what a fool
So here it is
My own re-birth
Out of the traps
Free as a bird
No one’s fool
Helping hand to guide me
Reaching out
The rays so bright
This is my life
No more betrayal
No more violations
This is my voice
The one that was so in the dark
This is the time
Fly, fly
With love and forgiveness
From my heart

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st November 2015

All Rights Reserved