Saturday, 31 October 2015


YOU’RE WORST NIGHTMAREJust take a lookOne long, long lookMaybe you think I am wonderfulBeautiful
But look deep
Real deepI can see you so deepThe depths of yourDespairYour miserySo are we a pair?Who cares!I see your depths
Your fathomsHey you are scared of your own shadowThat shadow that followsThat wants to keep upBut always thereGuess what that is meI will followI will be there
Keep you guessing
I just do not careReady and waiting
To leapTo pounceOne swooping
Dipping and diving
Frighten the hell out of youStill think I am amazing
And all that crap?Then watch your back
Jack!Ready and waiting
With my own ambushAnd attack
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st October 2012

All Rights Reserved 

Friday, 30 October 2015


There is nowhere to hide
I cannot disguise or be disguised
I am open and revealed
Baring all
My heart like and open book
Crazy with passion
Crazy with hope
Insane, insanity
Washes over me
You make me shine in the dark
Where there was once so much bleakness
A woman who was so meek and mild
She is still here!
But you have changed her
It is so much greener now
The colours accentuated
I’ll give you the best
I’ll give you the future
You’ve untangled this web of distrust
You’ve untangled this web of loathing into love
You’ve changed me into loving you and myself
You’ve changed me totally
This is the time to say you are my sun
My moon
My stars
My eyes up to the heavens
Happy, happily
Not a cloud in sight
Just an un-describable
Aura of light
So bright
That I cannot fight
And all because of you!
I’m in so, so deep with you
And never want to come out
Without doubts
You make me want to dance in the rain
You make me want to sing in the rain
Oh my love sent from above
The one and only that has freed me
I’m never letting you go!
Like I know you’ll never let me go
I’m so much in love
That it hurts deep inside
Where you’ll always reside
With the naked truth
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th October 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Oh how I have missed you!
It’s been a long week and oh what a week!
The outlook looked so bleak and weak
Tired and tiresome
It reached fevers peak
But here I lay and will stay
Snuggled, nuzzled and huddled
In your warmth, warmness
You fill me with your affection
Tenderness, kindness
Your soft downy touch
That I have missed so much
You’ve enthralled, exhilarated and stimulated my senses
Your touch, oh so irresistibly seductive and desirable
Leaves me wanting more and more
But wait!
There is something, someone missing!
You! You! You!
My Adonis
Oh how I miss you!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th October 2015

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

WONDER WHATS GOING ON HERE (Wednesday funny poem)

Wonder what’s going on here?

They’ve got a funny contraption
And they keep saying
Why don’t you just
Hang on a while?

All this posing
This way and that way
So confusing
I can’t stop yawning
So, so, so boring

Shall we just run?
That will spoil their fun
Then they’ll have to stop
All this larking about
Around and around
Running me down
We sure don’t look
Like clowns

Do you think the
Two legs will mind
If we unwind
And stop all this
Keep smiling
Oh I am so tired too
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

STICK THEM UP (Tuesday funny poem)


Stick them up
Oh give it a break
For goodness sake
You always want to fight
It is not right
You are bully at times
And frighten me at times
I may be scrawny
But I sure aren’t weak
But by heck
You’re going to get it
Oh by the way its
No fighting day
Just a rest day
Fun day
Cos mum is watching
And look out if she sees
You with those fists
Stuck up!
What is your problem?
You are always such a bother
Just go and leave me alone
And pick on someone else
Or better still don’t!
That causes more trouble
And that isn’t worth it
Right now
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 25 October 2015


I have always been a believer
Right now it’s painful, raw to the core
What more can life throws at you?
And keeps putting you through
Maybe you say I cannot carry on
But you’re strong not weak
You are allowed this time to grieve
To find the time for reflections
Those happy moments of bliss and joy
The moments in the now to a find a peace
Keep your faith and belief that in time
All will not be forgotten
But will soften in time
Your smile will return
Your love be a bound forever and forever
Take heart that there is love surrounding you
Support and guidance from many that love you
Right now and forever
The angels above are watching over you right now
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th March 2012

All Rights Reserved