Saturday, 26 September 2015


Haven’t we met before?
You know at four
You said ‘cor’
And I asked what was that for?
‘Oh come on you know for sure’
‘Yes just my looks and like
The models in books’
Oh crap, slap and splat
Then I walk out of this door
And you’ll be no more
I need a guy not for my external cover
I need a guy who looks beyond the cover
You know!
Beauty within
Not sex on legs or in your bed!
Cripes that so does in my head!
So what do you say now?
I’m not your finger licking chick
You want nibbles?
I can get loads of that for you
Tesco’s, Asda’s and Walmart’s
So which do you prefer?
Cheese and pickle?
Oh forget it
Adios amigo
And this is definitely
No more!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th September 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Whatever you want to call it
Makes me want to spit
You promise to meet
I wait to greet
Oh what a fool!
No not I
You’ll never know what you’ve missed
I didn’t get pissed
Waiting for you!
I just laughed and giggled
Did a little jiggle
And a little wiggle
I’ll leave that to your imagination
As I won’t be anticipating
That you’ll be reading this
But hey ho and off I go
Ding, ding
Ring, ring
And sing, sing
In my heart
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th September 2015

All Rights Reserved