Wednesday, 16 September 2015


You’ll Never Know!
And this I do know
The oceans and seas know
The depths of my love so deep
Deeper than this Atlantic Ocean!
The depths of my emotions
Cannot be dismissed
But yet you dismissed
You’ll never know
Because you never showed
Showed your emotions
Yet you wanted emotions
You are still confused
Yet I am not amused
You brought nothing, said little
I’m caught in the middle
A fool so in love with you
I’m the last to know
I’ve let you go
Sailing, sailing away
Far, far away
Heaven knows that I have tried
But this is your demise
And whilst I leave this State
I will never berate
Or ever be late!
I watch the towering blocks
Their hammered head locks
Sailing, sailing away
Far, far away
Goodbye my love
My heart, my soul
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
16th September 2015

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 14 September 2015


On each and every line of this book
There is a story to be told
A story that unfolds
A story of tales gone by
Sailors sailing by
The mermaid in the sea
Merriment for all to see
Fair maidens waiting gleefully
There by the seashore
Watching, waiting for their love come ashore
Mothers wrapped in their shawls
From the cold, cold winds that howl
They have stayed behind, with their loved ones
Hoping and praying for their safe return
Candles are lit so brightly
To light their way home
Oh how they shine and sparkle
On this clear, clear night
Oh the dream and vision
Of all that is in this book of mine
What is yours telling you?
Can you see the story unfold?
Can you tell the story without the words?
Can you draw the picture that is there in your head?
Or just dream about it whilst you are in bed?
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2013
All Rights Reserved

Taken from the Children’s Poetry
E-book, Paperback editions

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