Saturday, 11 July 2015


A dream that I thought would come true
All the way through
So real, so true
Has escaped, I never gave it a chance
There was a glance
A very short glimpse but then was it a trance
Like state
Seemed so surreal
Bizarre, macabre
Sending shivers down my spine
That glimmer of sunrays
As I walk this lonely, lonely shoreline
I still see your face
Smiling sweetly
Or was that a sneer or a snigger?
Smirk with a hint of a
‘You’re a jerk’
 Laughing stock of this race?
Well jerk how does it feel to be laughing on the other side of your face now?
That seven year itch is a bitch
But this woman is worth more than that BITCH
The lighthouse maybe in darkness now
But way deep, deep inside there is a beacon
Shining its light forth
Round and round
Backwards and forwards
I’m no lost soul
Heck are you kidding that I would lose that once more
You may snigger
Titter and chuckle
But guess who has the last word
And snigger, titter, and chuckle
I guess right now you may be thinking
She’ll be back, she always does
Oh jerks take a long, long look at your disgrace
The one user that will always escape
But in time, give it time
Guess who wins this battle of the wills
So I walk this shoreline
Its beauty holds it all
I feel it, breathe it
Awakening with time
Sun shining
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th July 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Friday, 10 July 2015


You strummed every part of me
Your tender touch
That meant so much
All those memories played
Like a never ending song
That goes on for so long
A song that I thought would never end
And here I am going round and round
That never ending bend
I thought that I belonged to you
I thought that you loved me!
And here I sit
Feeling like shit
You were my temptation
My sensation
Now you want me back!
All because of what she lacked
Your temptress
With her long, long tresses
Do I need you back?
After all your betrayal
Strumming her
Whilst strumming me
I do not think so!
I’ll keep my memories
Of our love forlorn
Your guitar
Will stay with me
Not as a memory
But a new memory
A new tune that I’ll make
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2015

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


My hope that will spring eternal
An eternal love
Hoping that it will be from above
It’ll arrive no matter the weather
It’ll never be too late
I’m willing to wait
I’m hoping you’re around soon
Cos I’ll travel to the moon
And hope you will too
And that you’ll be so good for me
And that I’ll be good for you to
At times I never know who I am
A complete stranger
Please don’t be that stranger
We all want the same thing!
We all wish for the same thing
We all hope for the same thing
We’re all looking for the same thing
A love, a love
The greatest of loves
I’m dreaming the same thing
Love, love
Come what may we shall meet
In the right time
In the right place
Hope, hope, hope
I go weak in the knees
Hoping, hoping
That you’ll never pass me by in this torrent of rain
Not seeing where you are going
But where we are going
Hoping, hoping
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th July 2015

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 6 July 2015


Maybe too deeply
In my memories where love was so, so true
It was just me and you
We fell so deeply
Swallowed in each other’s rivers, streams and oceans
A passion so real that you always said
“So surreal”
“I want, need more of you”
“I want to dive into your oceans”
You pull me into your arms
I begin to breathe
You are my half of this world
You are my sun
And our lives have just begun
And I never want this to end
Even though it sends others round the bend
But we let them go
When you are not here it seems half my world is gone
We loathe the separation
Our misery, our despondency
There is no calmness in this ocean of mine
The tempest, your temptress
Is seeking you out
Across this high, high tall buildings roof top
I shout!
But you do not hear
I so wish that you were near
My one and only soul provider
Gift of my eternal love
Gift of my eternal trust
Gift of my eternal life time
Gift of my heart and soul
Oh how I love and adore you
All that I say and do is so, so true
Come to this dock where we lock
Hand in hand
Body to body
Closing the world off
Our own world
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th July 2015

All Rights Reserved