Friday, 3 July 2015


Love is being home
Love is coming home
Love is when I cannot get enough of you!
My love for you thrills, excites me so
So much that I want more and more
A love that cannot hold us down
A love without a frown
This is no infatuation
This is passion
This is obsession
This is rapture
This is pure, pure ecstasy
Pure, pure euphoria
I’m addicted to you!
I cannot walk away
I don’t want to break away, away
I want to breathe the scent of you
Feel the scent of you
Touch the senses of you
Your caresses
Up and down this body
Reducing me into a heightened pleasure
He comes and pulls me to him
Closer and closer
Body against body
Wrapped in each other’s arms
Wrapped in your arms where I feel free
Free to express, free to become what I can become
Free to be your moon, stars and the sun
Our pulses beating to the rhythm of our heartbeats
He fulfils the craving, craving
He is part of me
A melody, harmony
My honey
Kissed and caressed by my destiny
Stripped of all clothes
Stripped of all materials
Stripped of all inhibitions
Hold me
Thrill me
Never stop kissing me
My beau and Adonis
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd July 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Thursday, 2 July 2015


This back is turned and not for turning around
I sit quietly here within this beauty spot
I have contemplated, anticipated and considered
Every angle that has been humanly possible
But for once there is a need to back track
A very, very short going back
There was no beauty, love that adorned
That wayward, unruly errant world
Now all I see is beauty that surrounds me
Filling this world with such wondrous glee
The only reflections that will be taking place
Will be the ones in the wondrous rivers, streams
The flowers, the trees, all carefree
Like this inward spirit should be
Happiness abound, no boundaries around
Love with all my heart, oh this shall never depart
So if you see me looking back
It’s only to backtrack for a little while
Yet amongst this beauty there is hope
A hope of finding my beau
Not a showy peacock
Just a pure and simple beau
Who knows how to shine!
Who knows he’ll be mine
Who knows our love can be divine
That’ll cover an eternal time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
2nd July 2015
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Just an awesome word
Is what I need so desperately in my world!
Hush the sounds in my head
Hush the sounds from this world
Hush the sounds from you!
Yes you!
Your ranting and raving
For your selfish craving
Craving for my space and time
Yet you won’t let me in yours
You want to keep going backwards
Instead of forwards
How can a love survive on that basis?
I cannot wait any longer
It is time for my space and time
My heart is breaking
But I must be forsaking
I’ll miss you
I’ll miss the hoping
Hoping that you’ll hear for the last time
But you just shrugged your shoulders
Like you had great huge boulders
I cannot wait
The waiting the anticipation
The dithering the wondering
I can no longer be your backwards woman
It does not work like that any more
You’ll keep finding out why
Or will you?
I know I will and do
Goodbye my love
This is the end of this story
With no glory
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st July 2015

All Rights Reserved


I am watching
Silently calmly, serenely
Are you watching?
For these wings to flitter
From here to there
Up and down
Oh dear!!!
Not yet
There are things to do before I do
Messages to answer
Prayers to be fulfilled
Dreams and visions
From near and far
So much to do in so little time
Is called for
In the here and now
Butterflies flitting
Flying close by
Especially in this hand of mine
They brings beautiful messages
Of things to come
These transformations happen
To you and I
Hence my watching
And standing by
Watching the beauty emerge
From the long sleep in its cocoon

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st July 2015

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


With the powers that sings
My prayers for you sent to the heavens
Way beyond the blue skies
The universe, the atmospheres
I heard you sing
Such a happy thing
This is what we like to hear
It brings us much cheer
Your sadness is beginning to clear
Yet you are working too hard
We want you to play just like a child
Have you forgotten?
How you were created
Created as a child in spirit
Created as a child with spirit
Created to play, sing, dance
We watch from a distance
Have you ever asked your inner child how they feel today?
Have you ever instinctively gone out to play?
Hooray if you did and do
That is what we want you to do
The shackles of this society of yours
Holds you back
Let go and be the truest of truest
Let your own wings unfurl
Whether you be a boy or girl
Bring out your child
And more besides
Then you’ll be happy
Is all that your angel wants you to be
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th June 2015

All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 29 June 2015


You have been my guiding light
That has shone through the years so bright
Through the heartbreak, the heartache
That brought me to my knees
Begging, imploring please!
You wiped away my tears
Hushed my fears
Those were evidently plain to see and hear
You listened, you heard them all
You heard my screaming call
You never judged
You never left my side
Silently, quietly
That is where you constantly resided
Through the coldness, chilliness
Warming this troubled spirit
With your unconditional love
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th June 2015

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 28 June 2015


Here I sit
Trying to compose
Something so real and so true
That heaven made you for me
To sit by my side

It must have been hard to leave heaven’s door
To be with me forever more
What more can I say that hasn’t been said before?
I love unconditionally like no one has ever done
As your love for me is heaven sent

Whilst I am away from home
Or spending time with friends
I know that you are not so far away
Watching, guarding and   protecting in everyway

I always feel your presence
It feels so warm and reassuring
Like a warm log fire burning
Glowing bright that shines in the night
My angel all through the day and sweet night

Each and every night I say a prayer
Of thanks for a wonderful day
That your presence has made
And how thankful that I am for you
Chasing away any fears, tears
Worries that I have spoken of during the day

My angel by my side
Thank you for being here
By my side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th April 2012

All Rights Reserved