Friday, 27 March 2015


Pure ecstasy
What have you done to me?
You have me under your spell
I feel you, feel your touch
Oh how I love it so much
You are all over me
Thrilling me
Kissing me
Feeling me
Caressing me
Drowning, drowning
This is pure bliss!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
27th March 2015

All Rights Reserved 


Oh can’t stand that face
Oh can’t stand the disgrace
Oh how can I hide?
Where there is no behind
Oh heck when is this all going to end?
So I can unbend
Is this the new trend?
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
30th March 2012

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 26 March 2015


It’s so cold, so cold
The summer almost gone
Yet it feels like it is on a hold
Not letting go, won’t let go
I shiver at the memories
Memories that was all aglow
I so need, need to hold
Of a love so long ago
A year of highs and lows
And we just didn’t know
Where we would go from
Here or there
City or country
Somewhere to be free
Free to be, carefree
We fought!
We attacked!
We battled!
Always the struggle
The hassle and tussle
The hustle and bustle
Our tears and fears
That never lasted this year
Parting, departing
Both in tears
The struggling, struggles
Hearts a broken
Oh this cold, cold feeling
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st February 2014

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Whichever way you sway
To the left or right
One will be hot and cold
Your heat thrills me
Your chilliness leaves nothing to caress
You’re out of reach out of touch
You back off with your chilliness
Then you back off with the heat
When, when does it all stop?
Dam if I did that to you too
You wouldn’t be here
Oh dear
Come over here
Let me give some to you too!
But this chilliness is sheer bliss business
You’ll never be cold, frozen to the core
I twist and turn but fear not that you shall burn
The heat is a treat, to meet and greet
It’ll warm the heart when you hurt
Swishing and swashing
Twisting and turning
Swirling and curling
Top to bottom
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
28th May 2013

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


It seems just like a fantasy
Imagining the imaginary
I have this wondrous image
An image of you
Of us two
A hope and a wish
That it will all come true
In my mind’s eye
You’ll never pass me by
You’ll stop and say hi
I’ve longed for a love of my own
A real love of my own
A hope and wish
But this love is so distant
It’s not going to happen in an instant
It’s a waiting game
A patience game
But here I stand feeling so lame
That in some way I’m to blame
I’m exhausted with all the talking
All the walking
Chasing a dream that might not come true
The hurt and the pain
Still remains
Is it worth it?
To go through it
Time and time
Or do the waiting game?
My head says no
My heart is twisted and does not know
Maybe let this hearts hurt
Heal for real
And wait; walk, with no more talk
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd April 2014

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 23 March 2015


Whole like a woman should
Living alone is so lonely
When I fall in love with you
It will be completely
With all of my passions
My ecstasy
My heart and soul
The tenderest of touches
Is what I need from you!
Our eyes meet
Our eyes silently saying so much
Our touches of each other’s hands
The magical, magical
Heavenly touches
That means so much
Heading where we both have never been
Is this the power of love?
Sent from above!
Living alone is so lonely
But I am living in hope
That one day that I will give you my world
Slowly and patiently
Our love would grow
Be each other’s strengths
Be each other’s voices
Be each other’s eyes
Lifting each other when we are down
Be each other’s truths
Yet here I am feeling lonely without you!
Not feeling whole
Not feeling complete
In these greys, grey days
Yet here I sit
Hoping and wishing
That it won’t be too long
Before you make me feel whole
If you could see these eyes
Then let me be the one
That’ll love you forever more
All the way
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 22 March 2015


You are alone in this wilderness world
You watch, you see
Observing from a distance
It’s cold out there
In that wide expanse
You know this massiveness
You were born to it
This is your territory
Where you wander aimlessly
Looking for what next
Who is your prey, your quarry or the next victim?
Your next vulnerable target
Your eyes are fixed, like you are obsessed
Watching as a single wolf moves
There at your safe distance
You take cover with your shield
There at the forests edge
Where the shadows lay
This is your darkness
Your domain, your circle and realm
You never venture from this great darkness
Unless there is a gain
You have to have that wolf, regardless, no matter what!
You are playing a dangerous game
What is there to gain?
There is no love there, or is the wolf a possession
Your prize, your trophy
What if there were others to win her?
This is a dangerous game
The hunter on the prowl
Must have, got to have
Here and now!
What will happen to that wolf?
Will she see right through you?
Maybe she is not stupid or a fool
And not want to play those games at all
The dangers, the perils, the hazards too
Of being possessed like a fool
Her freedom, her liberty gone
But there in the distance he sees an Alpha Male
She has noticed too, never wanting or needing
To be part of this charade, the pretense and the travesties
She walks in another direction
Leaving them both behind
Alone in the wildernesses
Knowing she has a better life instead
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd July 2013

All Rights Reserved