Saturday, 21 March 2015


We may seem worlds apart
We may seem to be opposites
But do they not say
“Opposites attract”
Yet I know what is inside of us
We have many public faces
But hey we know our real face
It lies deep inside
A lousy isolation
Seclusion so private
That sets us apart
We have our reputations
These need to be met
High flyers
We laugh and joke
The odd poke
We do what we want
We go anywhere we want
But there is a longing need
We’ve been taken to the cleaners
We’ve been taken to be the fools
We’ve just been their tools
We’ve tried to laugh it off
Loads of scoff
Loads of shrug it off
But it dam well hurts deep inside
We’ve now become nobody’s fool
Yet there is a yearning
We work to fill the gaping hole
But yet we know why
The fun, frivolity
The Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino
But deep, deep down inside we know why
The one night stands are not in my lands
Two lives explicitly entwined
It’s the warm embraces
It’s the feeling of being needed
It’s the pure fantasy to reality needed
It’s the feeling of drowning in pure ecstasy
Love without treason
Love without a reason
Two bodies entwined
Drinking up each other’s wines
Two bodies not wanting to let go
Two bodies hungry
Two people devouring each other
Well a girl can dream can’t she?
That someday it’ll be a maybe
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th March 2015

All Rights Reserved

Friday, 20 March 2015


 “Justin I don’t want to alarm you but we’ve been followed by a green BMW since we left the parking area back there, what the hell is going on?” said Sparky
 “Shut up for a second whilst I contact Alex and David on their cell, crap this is all we need right now!” Just hold tight buddy this might get a bit rough. I was warned this might happen, but not this dam quick shit! He slams on the brake and honks the horn. “Shit man! Bloody people get out of the way!  Watch where you’re walking, will you! What they call them here in England “jay walkers”? More like “blinkered”, looking for an early way upstairs to heaven”
“Where the hell did you learn to drive like a crazy person, you’ll be breaking the Great British law on their highways and byways Jeeeeesh.”
“Justin, Alex here just do exactly as I say and no questions I saw that BMW pulling out as we left just now. There is a vehicle behind that one which is our boys. Just keep calm and no stupid moves either just remember we have precious cargo here and nothing must happen to Ms. Gunn. She is fraught as hell right now and she needs to be out of this situation quick. Fast enough these guys behind will cause and accident. Just drive. Don’t look back or get involved in stopping to look who they are either. These guys are not for messing around.  They’ll have your faces, and you could be next. This is what I was expecting from them. We’re taking a detour from the planned route back to her home. Just to be on the safe side, take it easy, and do exactly as I tell you and when to make the move as well”

“Is he having a laugh Justin because I am not laughing at all? Whose dam toes has she trodden on for goodness sake for this to be happening? Alex what the hell is going on with Jelena being under this dangerous situation again?  Jeeeeesh she needs calming not this upsetting her. Get me out of here Justin I don’t want to be in an early grave my family wouldn’t appreciate it at all and nor would yours either” said Sparky now really getting extremely stressed and panicking at the what is about to happen within the next few seconds he is not happy he is concerned for all that is happening thoughts that he might not ever speak or see his family ever again, tears are pricking his eyes his emotions are all over the place.

Thursday, 19 March 2015


On this baron land
All that can be seen is sand
Sand, sand
With the occasional rock
Oh that rock!
My rock!
My rock around the clock
Tick, tock
My lock to life
My happy life
But the sands of time
Are out of rhyme
The sands are desolate
Stranded with the test of time
The golden sun
Has lost its wonder
Never to ponder
Its spectacle
Or ever wonder
Why, oh why?
This is a goodbye
Our special place
With all its traces
You stood me up
Leaving me stranded like a fool
Feeling like your tool
Your fix
With all your stupid tricks
Oh I can see it now!
Oh this is goodbye
Without a shed of a tear
And facing life without fear
I’ll remember this year
Not for the bad
But for the lessons
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th March 2015

All Rights Reserved

Just for you guys 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015



Jelena has been through this before, but each incident has been fraught with emotions that can only be best described as frightening. Tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed that feels as hard as nails, the bedroom sparse in its décor with the bed placed against a wall that was papered in a luminous hue of blue, scratched, dented with the possible knocks and bangs of the beds headboard up against it and  looked like it had seen better days; a tall wooden pine wardrobe seemed to be the only updated piece of furniture in the room, the décor on the remaining walls were a dank, dark brown, whoever chose this colour must have had a real weird sense of colour sense for a bedroom, definitely not a calming colour in her view. Jelena bashing at the lumpy uncomfortable pillows in sheer frustration that sleep is evading her again! The hands of the clock beside her on the bedside cabinet barely moving, just the ticking sounds echoing in the eerie silence of the room. Yet again! Jelena is feeling those jittering nerves, never knowing what will happen next,  but all  she can do is to try to hold it all together as much as is possible and not let this arse hole of a jerk get to her, yet wondering who the hell is it and why?. Her mind now in the present and what holds for her.

Once again her silent feelings take over her, not sharing them even with her closes friends or colleagues; they have their own issues to contend with without her burdening them with hers. Anger, once again at the total inconvenience to her everyday life and environment, the loss of her own private space and for how long this time she is not sure. She’ll miss her friends and neighbours and Jelena will be wondering if they had noticed all the comings and goings of the Close Protection removing her personal belongings from her home, the very thought of it all! Going through her desk, her files, her clothing, everything! Jelena shudders at the very thought, no one should have the right to do so without her permission, it should have been left to me not them, have they secured my home properly? What about who’s going to be keeping an eye open for any more undesirables snooping around the exterior of the property? Have they left my home tidy or in total disarray? All these thoughts and emotions running profusely with no order whatsoever in her mind. Her one concerned now is getting over the incident earlier today, her whole being including her body now wracked in pain, delayed shock setting in, she is now feeling weepy not just for herself but for her dearest friends Justin and Sparky who also were harmed in the fracas, both now recuperating at a secret location which she has been told they cannot divulge for their own safety and well-being.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


You posed your pose
Carried on with your prose
The cheeky chatter
This seemed to you to matter
There was nothing serious
You wanted and needed the dangerous
You called, you bawled
Your insecurities
You etchings, sketching’s
Planted and planned
Like a well-designed garden
Perfect, perfected
Yet to your world of perfection
This a cover for your rejections
The fear of fear
Critically critical
Of all relationships
Your losses hidden beneath
It’s your fear of rejection
That leaves me feeling rejected
Dejected to be part of your world
Your life
Where I feel no fear
But a determined, resolute
To guide and support you
In whatever it is that you need
Oh come on give this girl a chance
Take a chance
Make a stance
Not just a glance
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th April 2014

All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 16 March 2015


They see us dragons
Fire and brimstone
From our mouths
And bellies
Little do they know
Or understand
We are not like this all the time
Only when someone gets
Us all hot and bothered
And we got to let off the
We are sweet
Our hearts pulse and beat
Like any other
We have passions
And needs
We like the seasons
Which come and go
Look at us now?
Way down here in the deepest
Do they do that too?
Up to their knees in water
Loving every moment to
They call you a creature
Heck I love your features
Like I like mine too
We are the same
In many ways
We love each other
So woven deeply inside
Come let us show the world
We are one
And not alone
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st June 2012
All Rights Reserved
Taken from the ebook/paperback editions
© Mystically Beautiful

Just for you guys 

Sunday, 15 March 2015


The deafening sounds of thunder
The black and blue skies
Rolling along like the waves
Way up there in the heavens
The cracking lightening
Like my broken heart
Splitting into pieces
Like shards of glass
I hear the clapping thunder
I hear your hands clapping with glee
Did you not know how you made me feel?
Did you not know that you made me happy!
Or were your words not for real?
Then why make this world of mine so surreal?
With your words of love and devotion
You made this world of my feel like heaven on earth
Now all you feel is mirth
And now all I want is for this to disappear
Like the clapping thunder
The striking lightening
The lashing rain
Letting it pound, pound
Washing, cleansing this heart and soul
Oh what a fool!
A huge fool to this world of love
But I’ll stay a devoted fan of love
And one day, yes one day
I’ll follow my heart
And my true destiny
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th December 2014

All Rights Reserved