Saturday, 22 November 2014


I call the shots so listen up!
No just shut up!
I won’t be brought down
I won’t be frowned upon
You maybe some hotshot
In your own little world
But listen up!
You will not drag me down
You will not hang up or hang me down
And treat me like a clown
Your inflated ego and idiom’s go
That definitely needs to go
The charm, which does harm
Right now you have met your match!
We are supposed to be one!
But it just seems you are the only one!
In this game of male versus female
Instead of all equals which should be done
The power struggle of mind and body
With no care or exceptions
So just shut up, and listen up
I won’t take this any longer
You make exceptions or I walk the walk
With no talking
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 20 November 2014


This book that I am truly reading
All my wishes and dreams
Have not come to fruitation
Causing frustrations
But all I can do is dream
And wish
That the sun will continue to shine
And maybe one day you will be mine
My daily journal
My life’s journey
Read these words
Words of love
In this story
Yet they belong to another
Not to each other
The sheer, sheer disappointment
In the lovers voice
Not his or her choice
Yet they have left home
A home of warmth
Yet they have said to each other
“Oh please do not leave home”
“I’ll be your safety and guard”
How can those words ring so true?
And here they are both gone and left each other
For another!
Now here I am passing the time and hours
The hours and days
Not sure whether it is a wasted way
But here I lay
Wondering which way
Which way
Which way
Their eyes wide open
And here he is letting her down
And not gently
Breaking her heart
Right apart
And here she is letting him down
And not gently!
Oh what a pair
Oh what a tear
And it is breaking my heart
How can there be a cloudless sky?
The birds flying by
Without a care
And here I lay with a wrenching heart
That these two have torn apart
Maybe it is a familiar story
Or is it?
Or just a story waiting to happen
But my love for you will be eternal
No letting you down either
It’ll be a love for ever
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


All I want to do is live for these moments
Never wanting to be away from you
When all I want is a friend and not a lover
Under the covers
I just need time to recover
Recover, recover
From all the pain and hurt
Not wearing your shirt
All I need is just a friend
To the bitter end
A friend who’d understand
A side of me that’ll be known
A friend that’ll never be outgrown
A lover is not what I need right now!
Oh for crying out loud!
Why won’t they listen?
They can keep the moonlight
The stars shining so bright
The kisses
The missives
The messages
Just won’t change my mind
The creeping, crawling
Trawling for their lover
The thrill has gone
Gone, gone!
You just wanted to see what you wanted
Not what is for real!
So tell me why you are so afraid
Afraid of that heavenly touch
Touches so surreal
But you didn’t want real!
You just needed a lover
Under your covers
But I’ll find a way to heal
But not at your heels
Just tell me why you are so, so afraid?
Yet you’ll always swim for the safe
A shoreline so safe and secure
I thought I would hold that dream
But you changed it to your tune
Not to our tune!
Now is the time to heal
Heal, heal
It would help me to know?
Was I the best you have ever known?
Oh this crazy battlefield
A war zone
With neither in the same tone
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Not That Far Away
One shining star
Shining your own light
Up there on the stage
And silver screen
Watching in the wings
Never saying a word
Not my world
Yours my shining star
Then the tables turned
You were watching
Events, situations
All the way through
Heck you scared me almost to death
Now I hear those three little words
And you have mine
So now what happens?
What has changed?
Or has it?
No judge or jury
Can fix this one
Or can they?
Not a chance!
This world has changed
From this date on
I am scared
Upside down
Inside out
So afraid
Time to come out in the open
No more up there either
And the using the in-betweeners
So please get on that flight
And come here to me
So that we can speak
Face to face
Do the right thing
Either ring or knock that door
No more messing
Any more
I love you too
Have done for more than you will ever know
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 16 November 2014


The coolness of the breeze
Wafting through
The birds on the wing
Their dancing merrily
Greeting each and everyone
How long since they met
And parted at the end of
Summers sun
Cawing, squawking
Have loads of fun
The gentle summer breeze
Softly, gently
Swirling in the air
The golden sun
Lighting the sky
Beauty behold
So radiant
The warmth
The sparkle
Like gold dust
In the summer breeze
Spreading like a flowers seed
From sky to sky
Over the clouds
The trees
And the hills in the distance
Oh such bliss
And joy
To feel the summer breeze
Swirling and dancing
Lifting, elevating, stretching and widening
The wings of my gown
Pinks and gold
Like feathers
Up, up to the
Summer breeze
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st June 2012

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the anthology of poems
available @Amazon, com & Amazon UK