Friday, 14 November 2014


Nothing more
Nothing less
Just two friends
Meeting at weekends
A lovers tryst
Some may call
A tete-a-tete
But was it just two lovers
That should not be?
Trying to capture some semblance
Of being happy
Their bored, sad existences
Their bored sad partners
But when they are together
The world does not exist
It’s their lovers tryst
Swimming in the same oceans
Swimming in the same potions
Each other’s overwhelming urges
Consuming each other’s passions
A passion so fiery and mighty
Hunger for each other
A hunger that needs to last
A hunger that they both grasp
Leaving each other breathless
Their bodies entwined
In a sea of ecstasy
The rippling waves
Rippling through each other’s bodies
Orgasmic orgasms
They are together
Together as one
Two hearts beating as one
Two hearts racing
Two bodies racing
Two bodies as one
Two bodies caressing together sweetly
In a rhythmic flow
Clutching each other
Not wanting to let go
Their bodies sweat
Tasting each other’s sweetness
She’s pulling him closer
Wanting more and more
More of his caresses
More of his kisses
His ecstasy
He holds her so that she does not drown
He wants more and more of her
More of her caresses
More of her kisses
Her ecstasy
Neither wanting to leave
Both clinging to each other
Never wanting this to end
This weekend or any other weekend
Their thoughts carry them to a better day
A day that they will be together forever
Not just at the weekends
A tete-a-tete
Or an illicit weekend
A complete wholeness
With their fiery passions
And love for each other
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Whole like a woman should
Living alone is so lonely
When I fall in love with you
It will be completely
With all of my passions
My ecstasy
My heart and soul
The tenderest of touches
Is what I need from you!
Our eyes meet
Our eyes silently saying so much
Our touches of each other’s hands
The magical, magical
Heavenly touches
That means so much
Heading where we both have never been
Is this the power of love?
Sent from above!
Living alone is so lonely
But I am living in hope
That one day that I will give you my world
Slowly and patiently
Our love would grow
Be each other’s strengths
Be each other’s voices
Be each other’s eyes
Lifting each other when we are down
Be each other’s truths
Yet here I am feeling lonely without you!
Not feeling whole
Not feeling complete
In these greys, grey days
Yet here I sit
Hoping and wishing
That it won’t be too long
Before you make me feel whole
If you could see these eyes
Then let me be the one
That’ll love you forever more
All the way
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Hey babe here I sit in the gloom
This darkened, darkened room
Gathering my thoughts
Gathering my feelings
Feelings that I felt for you
A heart that I thought I would keep for keeps
A love that I thought I would keep for keeps
Not just for keepsake
Not just a memory
Not just for the weekends
Gloom, gloom in this room
So now I wonder where my heart will beat next
A heart beat that is out of rhythm
A heart beat that is out of sync
A heart that is sinking
Deeper and deeper
In the pits of despair
All these empty rooms
Crowded with so many memories
I vowed that I would never, ever
Let my heart be broken
Never let my heart be taken
Never let anyone in
But I let you in
I learnt to trust you
I learnt to believe you
I learnt to let you in my life
I learnt to let you in my world
Trusted you
Trusted you
Hey babe
Now these nights seem like an eternity
A body that is wracking with pain
See what is happening to me now!
Did you know how much I felt?
So many, many questions
That I am asking myself
Did I give too much?
I know I did
Maybe gave too much too soon
But I noticed the change in you babe
We stopped going out together in public
Public places
You took me on holiday
You took me away
Took me to places of your past loves and lovers
I could tell by the poetry you had written
They were not about us
They were about them!
I could tell you had a hankering for one of them!
And now you are with her once again!
Why, oh why I keep asking myself
What had I done wrong
Except fall for you like an idiot
A fool
But I just cannot get you out of my head!
Get you out of this heart
Get you out of this room
Get you out of my inner sights
Get you out of my thoughts
Dam, dam stupid woman I maybe
But right now this gloom
And this feeling of doom
Won’t last
If you ever see me in passing
Then you’ll know there is nothing outwardly defective
Except for my broken heart inside
Where I let you reside
Oh babe, oh babe
Lest we forget
Lest that I forget
Of which I will in time
Of which I will with patience
Then I’ll be out of this gloom and room
We shared together
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th November 2014

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


It’s so lonely walking alone
This path so crazy
This path so hazy
The desolate sandy beach
Where you are so out of reach
The lonely figure behind me
What does he see?
I’m figuring the same
But all I can see
Was you and me
Are we the same?
The man that is behind
Both walking away
Away from the people we loved
Hand in hand not gloved
Missing their tenderest of touches
We walked this quiet beach
So lost in each other
So unaware
Of the noise of the traffic
Passing us by
Detached from the world
Not a care in the world
Now this world……..
Feels disconnected
Removed from all senses
A world deconstructed
A world that I thought would not be taken apart
But you did!
And it hurts inside
A pain so severe
Right here!
Here in this heart
You have torn it apart
The breeze rushes through my hair
I’m so trying not to care
You sure didn’t
If you did you wouldn’t have
So now two lonely figures
Walk this lonesome beach
Knowing we are out of each other’s reach
So if you could see me now
You’d never bow
Yet bow your head in disgrace
Total utter disgrace
That you can no longer show your face!
A face full of guilt
Guilt at the betrayal
Betrayal of my feelings
Supporting you through your
Heart attack
Oh you through it all back!
“We were never lovers, just friends”
Can you now imagine the pain?
The humiliation
The feeling like being a jerk
A whore
A slut
A piece of dirt
Just your fanciful piece
Just to fill your weekends
Weekends spent together
But not together
And here I am a total stranger to smiling
And you threw it all away
But I know now it is over!
And I really, really hope
That your new lover
Is treated with respect
And not just to fill in your lonely, lonely weekends
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th November 2014

All Rights Reserved