Friday, 24 October 2014

SNUZZLES (poetry funnies)

I love you lots
Cos you mean lots
We are brother
And sister
We play around lots
Climbing up the curtains
Scratching lots
The two legs
Don’t like it a lot
But they are stuck with us now
The wanted two sweet kittens
To keep them company
Sit on their laps
On their bed
On their head
And shoulders
They keep us well fed
With a lovely warm bed
Right by the fireside
Cozy and warm
They like seeing us playing
And pretend fighting
But when we nuzzle like this
They go all coooeeeee
And silly softeeee
Saying silly things like
O aren’t they cute
And all that stuff
Little do they know
That we love them so
As well
So let’s keep nuzzling
Just for the show
Oh by the way your nose is cold
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th October 2014

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 23 October 2014


It’s like a weight on these small shoulders
This being at the top
A feeling that I’ll drop
A feeling of falling over
It’s heavy, heavy!
Success has its price
More than thrice
It’s taken hard earned hours
Taken me to towers
I’ve toiled
I’ve boiled
I’ve burnt the candle at both ends
Been round so many bends
Made so many amends
There’s been the crafting
Promoting, advertising
The gobbled gook
And the “oh look!”
Yet there are and always will be the
Miss-looks and the miss-tooks
Friends and Family have stayed
Some so staid
Some who have given the game away!
Oh yes and the betrayal, denial
My passions at times have been
Excitable, unbelievable and exceptional
I’ve wept, cried and almost died
Life has knocked the stuffing out of me
But that stuffing was never good for me!
I’m still here standing
Upstanding with my held high
Knowing that I’m not finished yet
I’ve punched the air
Almost didn’t give a care
Oh yes and oh no
What do I know?
Laying my life so bare
You’ve been here one and all
Along this journey
Its successes and failures
You shed your tears
Helped me with my fears
Laughed out loud
That’s made me stand out from the crowd
Did I want or need this?
A resounding NO!
It has brought its perils
Along with the devils
Who took what they wanted
Without wantage
I’ve crossed so many bridges
Emptied so many fridges
For that coffee and tea
But all that I really need is one that I crave
Crave to be in my grounded
Embedded life
I know he is out there somewhere and somehow we’ll meet
With such a greet
So until that day
That great, great day
I carry away
All my hopes, dreams
With you all
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
23rd October 2014

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Fairy tales without the puppy dog tails
Fairy tales of long, long ago
Fairy tales when the dreams just flow and flow
Fluttering their golden wings here and there
Her wings so thin that they may break
But never fear they are too strong,
The tips of her wings like the Peacocks
Oh how they shine, oh divine
The magical, mystical little fairy girl
Her hair a golden, golden gleaming colour
She has made a daisy garland that adorns her head
She is the fairy of the land of nature
This little fairy girl holds what is so dear
The trees and all its leaves, the branches reaching
Tall and thin, the trunk so sturdy that it shall not fall
The grass so green, clean and clear
Within her hands she holds a doll
This doll is exactly just like her
Her dress an electric blue, oh what a hue!
When the night falls the stars do shine
Bringing much laughter that is yours and mine
They twinkle, sparkle from heavens divine
If you watch carefully, very carefully
They will be dancing a very happy tune
But these aren’t just twinkling stars oh no!
They are the magical, mysterious, and mythical
Fairies dancing just for you in your midnight dreams
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2013

All Rights Reserved


Monday, 20 October 2014


Tears staining our faces
Tears rolling down our cheeks
Tears tearful
Weeping sobbing
Our hearts out
Tears of laughter
Joy happiness and glee
Oh such merriment too
When we cry it is for many reasons
There is no shame in crying
There is no disgrace
There is no need to be embarrassed
There is no dishonor
This is our way of relieving
Releasing alleviating
Allaying dispelling
Pent up emotions
Feelings sentiments and reactions
Passions sensations
That has been held so deep within us
Brings light to the darkness
Bringing relief
And freedom
To a once trouble soul
Let those wings unfurl
Fly, fly
Like a bird released
Angel wings purest of white
Here on this Earth
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th October 2014

All Rights Reserved