Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Here I sit and wondering what I should write
Wondering how I should convey
What I feel and have inside my heart
And finding a way out of this dark, dark night
Here within my deepest soul, I have this flame
To which your darkness could not move
I see through your eyes the look of love
Remember the times when our love was not so tame?
There is a wonder if I know what you do not
And I wonder if I have the ways to let you aught
I keep wondering, pondering on my hidden thought
That if I left it untold it will be for naught
So here I am in a bewildered mood
Asking myself what have I that might be good?
Wondering on how to tell you oh if only I could!
And if for certain I had it, I promise I would
As I now know the words to which I am bound
And yet I sit her simply scrabbling, scrawling each word down.
Each word so plainly written
Are they all worthy of being written down?
The flame that I hold that is in my soul
Is a flame that I would somewhat want to hide
I know I should with uninhibitedness reveal so wide
And just let those words of Life within my soul roll
With the ebbing and flowing of the tide
There are things that I know, which you may not
At which I hold an inordinate and eternal thought
These eyes of mine see with love by which they have been bought
And now how I would stumble to make that love forgot!
And now it is time to reconcile this war inside my heart
So that peace and harmony to you I may convey
Then on this road of Life you could restart
I will be glad that you will be leaving I won’t miss your heart.
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th August 2014

All Rights Reserved 

Monday, 4 August 2014


Drawn to the light

What draws you to the light?
You are dancing by the fire
But never step in
Like you know it will burn
And you will shrivel and die
I will miss you
With your wings so thin

Are you chasing a destiny?
Like I am running away from mine
That is so divine
So sublime

Maybe if I look into the fire
I might see what my heart desires
A flame that will burn

What are you seeking?
From the fire light
Or just to come to the light
Just for the feel of the fires
Warmth and delight

I have no fear of the light
It is the dark that
Is shrouded in mystery
But the fire is our shining light
Without a shadow of doubt

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th April 2012

All Rights Reserved