Friday, 9 May 2014

FEAR in collaboration with John Preston poet and author

A new poem called ‘Fear’ in collaboration with John Preston poet and author

John Preston


Fear keeps us held in captivity
From certain things in life,
The Fear of love-
The Fear of hope-
The Fear of trying and trying to
Overcome life’s difficulties.
The Fear of mingling in
 With the ones who surrounds us-
The fear of Rejection
The Fear of Failure, it hangs over us all at times.
There are many fears but my greatest is the fear
Of losing you.

Teresa Joseph Franklin
Fears can bring to you to tears
It wrecks and ruins a life over the years
Bringing you to your knees
Your heart is
Begging and imploring
To do what is right
Threatening a wonderful life
It brings so much strife
Trembling, shaking body and soul
A life that should be whole
So are you ready to stand and fight?
Or take flight with all your might

John Preston
Once again I search my heart for truth-
Trying not to tremble with the fear that I feel is near.
Hoping for that lost hope, the feeling if being
Trapped within my darkest hours of need
Trying to escape that horrible sensation knowing my
Dreams can easily crumble. But mostly my fear is the
Fear of leaving this world. This world I deemed to be swell.
Finding the inner strength, the inner ability to wipe the sweat
While trying to bring out my best. Locked inside is my issues;
The issues which are kept in fear of having to face.

Teresa Joseph Franklin
My mind in turmoil
Wreaking havoc with this life that I care so much about
This fear is REAL
Yet why does it feel so surreal?
I fear this loss of life
This dear, dear life
As much as I try the tears come by
Sheer frustration and a wracking commotion
Has me holding my head with all the confusion
I need to get a grip, to hold tight from this fear

John Preston
I’m about to slip back into this deep well of thoughts
That I thought so much to be true, this has taken over
My mind body and soul I just can’t let go. Tormented
By my own fear in this ongoing nightmare. Destroying
What has been built, slipping into guilt my life is on a
Tilt. I’m in the dark, I need to find that spark to reignite
The flame that burnt so bright before this fear Extinguished
All hope, every little flame which burnt within my heart.
I need to break free from this fear which has taken over me.

Teresa Joseph Franklin
This fear has torn this world so wide apart
Ripped to the core and my heart
I feel soulless
I need to get a grip and on this trip
This trips that is full of slips
A life a head
To let this fear go so that I can grow
Grow, grow and sow a new life
Away from this fearful strife
That has caused so much pain
That has almost drove me insane

John Preston
So this is it, where I stand today facing everything I ever known to be true;
The belief I have carried but have not seen thru, filled with turmoil and worry
And strife because of this fear and the fearful actions I might take when I
Take leave of my senses when I can’t see or think right.
I need someone to hold me tight, tell me everything can be
Alright. I need to bounce back, face it all right in the face come
Out a winner knowing I have overcome this and destroyed ever
Single bit of fear in my life.
© John Preston 2014

© Teresa Joseph Franklin 2014