Saturday, 3 May 2014


In amongst the familiar faces
Satin and laces
Roses as fresh as daisies
Petals at your feet
Like the barefoot countess
Overseeing her groundless
Lifeless, listless
The willowy, wispy
Clouds floating way up high
The stream quietly meandering
Here and there
Without a care
Oblivious to the countess
Way up there on the ramparts
Looking downwards
Looking sad
Sadness in her eyes
Could she be wishing and hoping
That she’d rather be elsewhere
Than the stony cold walls
Be with the out of ordinary
The clustering, the gatherings
Of the same old, retold
Over and over again
Heartless, soulless
Their hapless
Ill fadedness
Ill-fated nesses
Where a love is despicable
Loveless, compassionless
Coldness that shivers down the spine
He’s spineless, heartless
That seeps right through the bare bones
A feelingness of a clown
Fed up with the frowns
Round and round
Echoing sounds
Pounding, pounding
Life that is not real
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
3rd May 2014

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 1 May 2014

WHY OH WHY? (image moves)

Must this be the worst goodbye?
When all I needed is you by my side
You’ve torn this love apart
Why oh why?
Why oh why?
You walked out of the door
Not wanting any more
You said
I’ve had enough”
“Cannot take anymore”
“You’ve changed”
“The passion has gone”
“Your passions have changed”
“You have a different fire”
“I know, but it’s for us”
“It’s yours; it takes you to different places, places I do not like”
“Talk, talk to me don’t walk away”
My heart is bleeding, bleeding
Wanting and needing
For you not to leave
You have been here at the beginning
We’ve both been there from the beginning
Please, please do not say goodbye
We had plans
We had dreams
Dreams that gleamed
But you’d rather they now be flippant
Flippant with a wave of your hand
Buried in the deep, deep sand
So, so sad
That you are saying goodbye
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
1st May 2014

All Rights Reserved