Wednesday, 12 March 2014


This was meant for me and you
A world so huge
A world so deluged
A world so cruel
Then there was them!
That took me away from you
My real mum
My sweetest of souls
My sweetest of hearts
That tore us apart!
A babe in your arms
You never realized the harm
The tears of the morrow
That brought you such sorrow
The tears I’ve cried
Oh how I tried
As a child!
I did the “shut up”
I did the “go away”
But they just didn’t care anyway
They locked me in THAT cellar
And took the light away
Dear mum I still love you
Always have and always will
He almost killed me with THAT knife
All because I was trouble and strife
They said I would never be a socialite
But my light kept shining bright
Through dawn to dusk
The flowers in bloom
In every room
The sweet smell of their perfume
That set this soul alight
I know that you are not at rest
But I’m trying to be the best
Not from the rest
But hang in there mum!
We are the ‘Gunns’
No fighting with guns
As our motto says
“Peace or War”
Peace shall reign
Reign, reign
There is peace within this valley
Peace within my soul
So rest my sweetest of souls
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
12th March 2014

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Can be seen for miles
Happy as can be
Busy like the bees
Side to side
Up and down
But a child cannot hide
The anguish
It feels!
The torment and pain
That lays deep, deep inside
It scuppers the day
Like the falling rain
The torrent
The torment
The garland of flowers
That is brought on with the showers
The tweeting bird
Oh to be heard!
Silent is the silence
Hushed is the voice
The whispers never heard
The terror the furor
The ruckus
The rumpus
Is there behind those eyes
A heart dismembered
A heart never to be remembered
It’s there in those eyes
That tells no lies
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th March 2014

All Rights Reserved