Friday, 31 January 2014


Who’s getting ahead
Laid back with nothing to lose
Kicking back the blues
Yelling out the rhythms and blues
Dashingly, bracingly
Full of energy
Dressed to the nines
Sleek and fine
Head right back
Holding the slack
Heels so high
Oh such a sigh!
She’s fine, fine
Happy, smiley time
She’s crossed the bridge
Half-way there
Without a care
No backwards glance
Forwards trance
She will entrance
With fire and passion
In her own fashion
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
31st January 2014

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 30 January 2014

5* Review of 'The Witches of Aba Nam Book 1: The Orb' by Ross Homer

5* Review for the Orb by Ross Hunter
This is a standing ovation for Ross, I loved all the details to the story from past era to present era….. also Ross has done his homework with researching which is so vital when composing a story like this, excellently done so you’ll never pick fault with what he has done. There is the very fact of the strong characters within this story which keeps you reading more and more, the characters profiles unfold even further whilst you are reading, Ross congratulations! The ever unfolding personalities is and has kept me reading with a vivid descriptions throughout
What has stood out for me is the time dimensions from past to present, each chapter brought to life with as much action that has you gripped to your seat and never wanting to leave it for anything including make that cup of coffee or meal.
Love, Love the characters in 'The Orb' by #ASMSG Ross Homer strong, powerful, brilliantly woven with past and present
You need to get a copy 5*'s but should be more !!!!!!!

Cannot wait for the sequel from Ross

And here ladies and gentlemen is the author himself Ross Homer

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


That keeps with rhyme
You keep your beauty undiscovered
Yet here you are covered
Sublime, superb, usurped
But yet you are discovered
Discovered yourself
Your only pure self
Never to be put on a shelf
The bare bones
Of sublimity
You’re worthy of the highest
So let your light shine the brightest
The brightest of all the stars
In the heavens above by far
You’re excellence complete
How could anyone compete?
Sublimely, sublimeness
Personifying your beautifulness
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
27th January 2014

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Let it be known of our weaknesses
Yet behold we lay bare
Bear to the world
We are shoulder to shoulder
Bolder and bolder
Brighter and brighter
We’ve lain bare
Our hearts
Our minds
Our souls
Our bodies
But did you care?
Have you cared?
Can you care?
Could you have cared?
We’ve dared
We’ve been scared
We’ve been scarred
But never are we hard
We’re tender to the touch
Here within we love so much
We’d love you to the end
We’ve endured suffering
We’ve lain bare everything
But we’ve learnt
We’ve cherished
But we will not perish
We are sublime
That’ll last an eternal time
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th January 2014

All Rights Reserved


That leads to my homestead
Rich and pure
That is for sure
It’s a lonely road
Just wish that you had been here
But you’d rather be back there
Instead of here
I cannot go back
I cannot back track
That road so troubled, worried
That carried such falsities
You’d rather I’d stayed
Stayed in a cocoon
With no room
You’d rather I’d be by your side
Where there was no room
Room to breath
Breath of breath
It would have been my death!
You loathed the successes
You loathed the adulations
You loathed the admirations
But you loved my weaknesses
Yet these were and are my strengths
Strengths to walk away
Walk right, right away!

To my homestead faraway

(C) Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th January 2014
All Rights Reserved