Saturday, 21 December 2013


Whether you are short or tall
Slim or chique
Whether your tongue is in your cheek
Poetry is an everyday event
And oh how it is heaven sent!
Poetry is a mover, groover and a cooler
Poetry is pleasing to the troubled brow
Even more so when there is a crow
Listening, high and low
Poetry has its peaks and troughs
And oh how we never get enough!
Poetry is inventive, creative and incentive
Panoramic, photogenic and at times so graphic
It’s a way of the world, not curled
Poetry is beautiful, beautified
Poetry writers, write so right
Their skills can be thrills that spills
From line to line, page to page
The nib of the pen writes over and over again
Depicting a picturesque, pictographic pictorial
For all that it enthralls
So you see
Poetry is for all
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

21st December 2013 

Friday, 20 December 2013

5* Review of THE VEIL: DREAMS Part one (Elven God's Series)

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Kindle and Paperback editions

Cassandra has really put her first novel in first place with her brilliant, brilliant 'The Veil: Dreams Part One together.
Dreams, we all have them, but do we believe in them? are they a figment of our imagination? Are they real? and why do we see people we know in them? we are talking with them as if they are there with us even though they no longer exist in our world. But do they?
Mystery and suspense abound when Sasha founds out that one person is not dead, that they have powers that enable them to visit dreams and this is where Sasha finds out herself that she is a Sorceress herself, that she is special and not like the rest of those around her. Who and what are those shape shifters and why is it so important that they be eliminated ? There is passion, love and romance in a world that seems beyond ours
I cannot fault Cassandra's first ever short story and I am really looking forward to reading her follow up
Thank  you Cassandra for a brilliant great read and a pleasure to do a review for you
Teresa Joseph Franklin

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Where we just glanced
Took one long, long glance
We danced, oh we danced
In the city so gay and carefree
Paris, Paris, Paris
All through the long, long night
The night life shone and shone
Whereupon it seemed we were the only ones
The stars were shining so bright
Your eyes shining, with love
They spoke of forever, eternally
Just you and me
Always being carefree
Letting the world float by
Floating on a sea of paradise
Were we so wise?
Did we not see with our eyes?
Those tears that never conquered our fears
The rain splattered sidewalks
The flooding rivers that rose from
 The endless, ceaseless,
Barrage of jealousy, envy
The barrage of insecurities
The frightening lightning of your enlightening
Will stay with me incessantly
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th December 2013

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Oh how I have missed you!
It’s been a long week and oh what a week!
The outlook looked so bleak and weak
Tired and tiresome
It reached fevers peak
But here I lay and will stay
Snuggled, nuzzled and huddled
In your warmth, warmness
You fill me with your affection
Tenderness, kindness
Your soft downy touch
That I have missed so much
You’ve enthralled, exhilarated and stimulated my senses
Your touch, oh so irresistibly seductive and desirable
Leaves me wanting more and more
But wait!
There is something, someone missing!
You! You! You!
My Adonis
Oh how I miss you!
With all the above!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th December 2013

All Rights Reserved

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth