Friday, 6 September 2013


Mystery and mysticism
Enchanting, enchantment
Beauty, beautified
Serenely serene
Before you
A woman to be adored, adorned
A woman to be loved, cherished
A woman to be by your side
Before you
All your dreams come true
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th September 2013
All Rights Reserved

The Horizon Before Me

Looking bleak and cold
Never knowing what the future may hold
But here I stand in anticipation that it will be
A wonderful happily future
Not cold, nothing held back
And all the past there on the rack
With no looking back
This ship, this vessel
Taking me to new places
Imaginary, un-imaginary
Real, surreal
The sky may look cold and uninviting
But then is it?
Before these eyes there is a wonder
A wonder that there is a future
Within the horizon before me
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
6th September 2013

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 5 September 2013

THE MAGIC OF THE DAY (this image moves)

The morning sun
Gleaming, shimmering on this new day
Shining its light so bright
The rivers, streams and oceans
Echoing their delight
The clouds floating by in their unfamiliar way
Fluffy and soft
Way up there in the loft
The flowers and leaves
Lifting their heads up and up
To the sun’s rays
Catching the glittery rays
Happy as can be
The river rippling, flowing with the
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th September 2013

All Rights Reserved 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hey Bunny (Wednesday funny but cutee)

You got such big eyes
Gentle and soft
And so wide, are you able to?
See more than I can
Ever do with those
Sweet eyes
Marble eyes

Why you keep twitching
Your nose so much
Can’t you just scratch it just like the rest of us?
Oh what a fuss

I don’t hear you purring
You just make those
Funny noises like a sniff or a grunt
Like I don’t know
What! Cor you need curing

I do like your big ears
Bet you can hear
I can hear a pin drop
Just like that without batting an eyelid
Or something like that

You move funnily
Hopping and jumping
Up and down the garden
You into music that’s called bopping
You’d beat them all
Oh I can see it now

You eat funny food
Like carrots, lettuce
I prefer my food that’s made from you
Oops !
Oh dear, now I have said something that I shouldn’t have
But what is there
For me to eat
As I don’t like the food that
You eat.
Never mind, at least
We are the best of friends
No matter what others
Think or say
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th April 2012

All Rights Reserved