Friday, 30 August 2013

QUIET SPACE ( The Image moves)

This quiet space
Is the place where I can sit
And feel
This quiet space
So private
Yet so welcoming
The wide open space
Vast as the planet in the distant
With the aura so bright
That fills the sky
Casting a magnificent hue
A meteor
Shoots through the sky
As if it knows this is
My quiet space
Beautiful wonder of the universe
This quiet space
So calm
So peaceful
Feeling of being as one
With myself
My mind so free
Of the days breeze
By the beauty
Of my solitary quiet space

This quiet space
The gentle breeze
This face of mine
Bringing a glow
From long time ago
Airing my mind
Swishing and swirling my tresses
With a glow
This quiet space
Can never be erased

This very, very quiet space

An escape from the
Realities of life
Once in awhile

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th June 2012

All Rights Reserved 

Thursday, 29 August 2013


That these moments last forever
The dreams all come true
The tender moments spent in bliss
The world outside never existing, existed
Here alone with our shared thoughts and feelings
Touching, slouching all the day through
Heavenly bliss spent with you
You make my heart sing, sing
You make this heart free, free
Oh the silly, silly giggling moments
The long, long phone calls
The longed, longed for time to be spent
Here there in your arms
Embraced, encased, swathed
Oh how I am wishing
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th August 2013

All Rights Reserved 




I have this fire and a passion within
A great fire that is growing with living
I can no longer contain it
A passion like the red, red rose
That has grown from the earth
Its roots spread wide beneath the ground
Deeper and deeper
Like a love that needs nurturing ridden of all the diseases from the external world
A love that I hold for you always
In many ways
It is angelic, mystical, euphoric, entrancing and hypnotising a love that I want to share with care and devotion
A fire and passion just waiting for you here in this contained room

(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th March 2013

All Rights Reserved 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Tiger Within My Soul


I can feel it there
Deep inside
Prowling around
And a growling
Roaring sound.

I can see you
Right in front of my eyes
A vision of
A creature that is so
Colours that only
Belong to you.

 Your colours so rare
Of pure orange and black
Striped from your head
To your straight back
Who wouldn’t be frightened
Or scared of this magnificent
Big Cat.

Your reputation speaks volumes
Some not so good
They despise you
For being a killer
But what is there to do?
They have taken your kingdom
That was your kingdom come.

I see you as a beauty
I feel that beauty
Just like a rose
A symbol of love
Passion, devotion
Low and behold

Dig, dig so deep within
Your soul
Eye to eye
What do you see?
You and me
Fighting for what is right
And not what is wrong
We are of the same
Tigress to Tigress
So powerful and strong
We will never
Be the end

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th April 2012

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DAD I LUVES YOU (Tuesday Funny but cuteeeeee )

I guess you know that anyway
But I like to tell you everyday
You’re the best
Better than the rest
Oh that was said wrong
But you know what I mean
Dads are you listening?
You seem miles away
You’re staring
Sort of
Looking glum
Here dad can I help you?
Can we have some fun?
Give you a great big lick
That might make you smile
For a while
Where’s mum by the way?
Hope she isn’t too far away
Need a cuddle and a hug
Stop being so sad
You gonna make me feel the same too
Wanna a cuddle?
Might make you feel better
And not so glum
It is getting too hot here
On this metal whatever it is
Can we find some shade?
Or maybe I can shade in
Your long, long mane
What do you reckon Dad?
Oh come on dad
Stop being a cad
Well sometimes you are
But that is my opinion
And view
But still I loves you
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
24th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 26 August 2013


Pure ecstasy
What have you done to me?
You have me under your spell
I feel you, feel your touch
Oh how I love it so much
You are all over me
Thrilling me
Kissing me
Feeling me
Caressing me
Drowning, drowning
This is pure bliss!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th August 2013

All Rights Reserved 

So Lost And Alone

The summer breeze brings no relief
It feels cold, cold
The skies all a grey this day
You sailed away, far away
Sailed upon the distant shores
To so many places
Far, far away from these arms
Oh how I miss the feel of your touch
Your embraces
Your kisses
Oh this chilly air, without its care
I need you home, home to our warmth and love
This home is not a home without you
Oh how I miss, miss you
My love, my lover to
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th August 2013

All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

CHIPMUNKS ( A Sunday Funny but cuteeeeeeee)

A spring day today
Love is in the air
New growth
And undergrowth emerging
Love is in the air
Right now …..
Spring has sprung
For the lovers too
These two know
That they love each other too
But he is not sure whether to ask or not
To tie the knot
Well this being the year of
A leap year
(Bear with me now
 I know that they don’t know that,
But let’s have a good story)
He he
Now Chippy (the male)
Is shy and reserved
But he adores
His Chitty (the female)
He worships the ground
That Chitty walks on
And the trees
That she walks on
And up
And down
He would do anything for her
Nothing a bother
Always a pleasure
Nothing a pain
But he just cannot find the words to say
His words come out all garbled
And not understood
He blushes with shame
And blames himself for his
Silly, stupid ways
‘What am I to do?’
He keeps asking himself
And runs off into the wood
Chitty sees and feels
His pain and concern
And hears all the garbled words
And knows what Chippy wants to
Chitty hatches a plan
For the next day
Knowing that Chitty is around all day
The day being
February 29th the only day
That is a leap year
When the ladies are able to propose
The their men
So Chitty is ready
And waiting for Chippy
To arrive
And surprise him the most
He standing before me
Looking all forlorn
And worried
I pluck up the courage
And just say it out loud
‘Chippy please marry me?’
Chippy is looking stunned
And now I am worried what he is going to say
And all of a sudden he stammers
‘I willllllll marrrrrrrrrrry you
Chitty just say when’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th Mary 2012

All Rights Reserved