Friday, 19 July 2013


So soft are her wings
That heaven has given her
She glides with grace and elegance
Her role as our earthly angel is to bring peace and love
To guide us, steer us, from all that is dangerous
She whispers to us when we are asleep
Shows us such wondrous dreams
Of lovers on the rivers streams
But her strength is in knowing
The strength of the lion
Who we can rely on
To give us the gift of strength, courage and bravery
With each passing day
The will to be what we can be
A heart full of love and pride
She is always by our side
A candle in the darkness to show our way
A very, very heartwarming glow
That shows her unconditional devotion
The softest and gentlest hand
Stroking away our fears and tears
Music to our ears
A comfort to know, but not always understanding why
That she is silently, quietly
Very close by
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 18 July 2013


That soars with the wind
Light as the breeze
Gentle and soft
Their colours so beautiful
Beautiful as everything that lives and breathes
The softest blues, oh what a hue!
Red like a regal king or queen
Yellow the colour of the sun, just like the day has begun
Green so fresh, fresh as the daisy and the grass on the ground
Purple, mauve, lavender, lilac
The colours of the midnight sky so high
Swirling, twisting and turning
Like ribbons of colour
Damsels flying everywhere
Flowers in their hair
Their tresses so beautifully coloured
Flowers scattered all around
This is as wonderful as the butterfly
Loves all that is flowery
Colourful, beautiful
Butterfly wings
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fairy Tale Dream

Where nothing seems real
The land beyond our realms
Where it is snowing and full of glee
Nothing stops anyone being happy
Whilst I slumber and wonder
Of an age gone by
Horses and carriages thundering
Everyone wrapped so warmly
Their winter dresses oh such wondrous tresses
Children building snowmen
Charcoal eyes, carrot noses, and there he poses
The twinkling stars way up high in the sky
The half-moon shining its silvery light so bright
The snow-flakes gently, softly, falling the ground
Never making a sound
Oh such a dream this can be
In a land of make believe
Where you can escape to this wondrous landscape
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 15 July 2013

I Call The Shots !!

I call the shots so listen up!
No just shut up!
I won’t be brought down
I won’t be frowned upon
You maybe some hotshot
In your own little world
But listen up!
You will not drag me down
You will not hang up or hang me down
And treat me like a clown
Your inflated ego and idiom’s go
That definitely needs to go
The charm, which does harm
Right now you have met your match!
We are supposed to be one!
But it just seems you are the only one!
In this game of male versus female
Instead of all equals which should be done
The power struggle of mind and body
With no care or exceptions
So just shut up, and listen up
I won’t take this any longer
You make exceptions or I walk the walk
With no talking
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Who Am I?

Am I just your pearly queen?
Never to be seen
Never to be heard
A toy
Just to play around with
When you please
Pick me up
Throw me down
Toss me around
Like I am a fool
Like you don’t care
Treating me like
Your prisoner
Chained to these pearls
The beauty
Right out of my soul
Why did I let it happen?
You told me
So, so, so
Many times
I was your beauty
Your queen
You everything
I hate you
I hate you
Why did I fall for you?
Your charm
That irresistible appeal
So surreal
Now you have to go 
Everything feels like its
So, so dark
I need to escape
These chains 
Before I go insane
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th May 2012

All Rights Reserved