Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Lion And His Queen

Where did it all begin?
Right from the start this lion king
Saw his queen, there was a beauty
As was his thinking
She was cute, adorable
And surrounded in pink
There she was looking his way
From a safe distance
She knew he was king
Her everything
His mane so glorious
Glorious shades of gold
Light and bright just like a butterfly
Flitting around in the sky
Holding his head so high
True to his name, with fame
His notorious battles he has won
Defending his domain
But within resides the softest, gentlest lion of them all
He is a great father, but his queen is the teacher to them all
He knows he will have great pride
With her by his side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

The Mist For A Blanket

Gently slides
Covering you over all warm inside
So soft and gentle
Snuggly, huggly
A tree to protect you
Sturdy and strong
No harm or anything wrong
Sheltered from the storms
Arms stretched out wide
Guardians, sentinels and guards
All there above you sat in the tree
They are your lookouts
Custodians and watchmen and women
Or is all this a dream that has come into you
But what a wonderful dream it is!
Visions of who is watching over us at night
With all the love and might
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
13th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 11 July 2013


On each and every line of this book
There is a story to be told
A story that unfolds
A story of tales gone by
Sailors sailing by
The mermaid in the sea
Merriment for all to see
Fair maidens waiting gleefully
There by the seashore
Watching, waiting for their love come ashore
Mothers wrapped in their shawls
From the cold, cold winds that howl
They have stayed behind, with their loved ones
Hoping and praying for their safe return
Candles are lit so brightly
To light their way home
Oh how they shine and sparkle
On this clear, clear night
Oh the dream and vision
Of all that is in this book of mine
What is yours telling you?
Can you see the story unfold?
Can you tell the story without the words?
Can you draw the picture that is there in your head?
Or just dream about it whilst you are in bed?
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2013

All Rights Reserved


Playing in the fields of maze
The brightest of yellows
Like the sun kissed meadows
All in bloom where there is no more room
For flowers to grow
The field of daffodils still in bloom
The irises in their purple hues
Daisies made into chains
Children frolicking, leaping, everywhere
Lambs a gamboling with a spring in their legs
Jumping, bounding oh so happily
The sun kissed faces leaning to the sun
Whilst everyone is having fun
The sun is now at its highest, brightest
The heat all aglow with a hazy haze
Shimmering, glimmering across the land
The butterflies flitting from flower to flower
Oh such wondrous colours too
There blues, reds, oranges drinking the nectar
To bloom and grow
Oh such wondrous sights and sounds
On a beautiful summers day
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Dance

And oh what a dance!
The sensations so sensual
Your body so close, up close
Our bodies almost entwined, intertwined
Teasing, caressing, embracing
The gentle stroking
Up and down my spine
Arched in passion, oh what passion!
You lips just a breath away
Taking my breath away
The fire, the heat, the sizzling heat
Burning, yearning, desiring
Oh this crazy, crazy longing
For more and more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Sun In The Sky

Way up there so high
The night so clear
So vividly clear!
The stars in the night sky
Twinkling, sparkling
Just like fairy dust floating by
The moon and the planets showy
And oh how they catch the eye
Their magnificent, resplendent
Colours glittering by
There before your eyes
Jupiter, Mars floating merrily by
The late, late sun shining on this Earth
The early, early Moon of the evening
There before your eyes
The land below all aglow
The river running bright and clear
The grasses heavily laden with dew
The mountain tops and peaks glistening
Their whiteness with the snow
Oh to be sitting here forever more
But the morning soon arrives
The skies will be blue once more
Stretching outwards and upwards
For ever more
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th July 2013

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 8 July 2013


Where anything can and could happen
Mysteries, secrecies, and whodunits
This is a place where nothing is real
It is so surreal, strange and dreamlike
There is a beautiful lady all dressed a blue ball gown
All shimmering, glistening, glimmering with diamonds and pearls
Every single line that was also on her gown were silver threads
Pure silver threads, a rose of the finest colour blue oh such a hue
There upon her hair it does adorn to match her ball gown
But as she took a look at herself in the long mirror before her
He beauty shining, gleaming and her pure rosy cheeks a glow
From head to toe
She saw before her not only herself, but an image of a long time ago
The beauty stepped forward to touch the tall mirror when all of a sudden she could feel as if she could walk through it
Tentatively, and slowly she put her hand on the mirror and it went right through, shocked and surprised but not frightened at all as she was a brave, brave lady as well as beautiful
 The Fair lady looks on in surprise and is astonished at what she sees
There before her she see days of old, and then she looks down upon her dress that has also changed from the gown she had on before, this one was of the palest of blues, but in satin which had been woven with silk, gone was her rose in her hair. It was now swept up in a chignon; it had been twisted into a roll that was just at the back of her neck. Her earrings have changed from the silver dangling ones to the purest of pearls, small and sweet.
Gone has the 21st Century this looks like the 19th Century, where everything seem so unreal surreal just like she has walked into a dreamlike state as if she is dreaming, but she knows she is not, she is getting herself ready to go the ball where she is to meet up with her family and friends and oh the man she is to marry one day.
But here this exact moment she can see a crowd gathering, they are all dressed as if they are going to a ball, to dance the night away, they are dressed in splendid attire, the gentlemen all dressed in their top hats and tails coats, the ladies dressed in such a splendor, is it any wonder that her ball gown has changed too. She now decides whether to go or never show, there is no one there she knows. There are horses and carriages bringing the guest outside this tall, elegant, sumptuous place.
There is a policeman directing the flow of people and carriages, he is dressed in his finery too, maybe he is the chief of police here. Maybe he is a man of importance to this strange and wonderful place.
There are beautiful horses too, black ones, brown one, white ones, and a shiny silver coloured one too, and it is stand so tall, so tall that you cannot see over his back, a back that looks so strong and powerful. Each of these horses is pulling carriage that is on wheels, not like we have here in the 21st Century with our cars and easy access doors. There are doormen opening the carriage doors; they are all dressed in red coats, black trousers and oh those shimmering shining shoes on their feet. But to her surprise there before her eyes is the most dashing, good-looking and debonair man, she has had to take a second look, a real long look this time; it is her confident, loving man that she adores and loves and will one day be marrying. He has spotted her, and he has not recognized her either she is dressed like Cinderella and hopes that she will stay all through the ball. Dancing with his true, true love. His one and only love all the night long.

They both come together, his arms stretched out wide to greet her and hold her. She acknowledges his gesture and with her grace and elegance she comes to his outstretched arms, he enfolds her in a warm embrace. He is now the happiest man at the ball. They look into each other’s eyes, both mesmerized in this land of far away.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013


That I so miss
Your tender touch
Oh how I loved you so much
I miss you by the miles
Laying here by my side
The warmth of your embrace
The touch of your face
Wrapping me up in
Ribbons and lace
Our love so undivided
Our love so complete
Oh how I wish that we could meet
But you are not here, yet I feel you are here
A presence, a feeling deep within
That wondrous knowing
Your loving warmth
The sweetest tenderness
Oh all the balminess
That we had so long, long ago
Why did you have to go?
Leaving me so, so low
It was not your time!
I look for your special sign
The moon and the stars still shine
I cannot say goodbye
It hurts too much
It is too raw
Raw, raw, to the core
But the time has come once more
As I tread through the door
The door to love and peace
With you always here by my side
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th July 2013

All Rights Reserved