Saturday, 29 June 2013

Coming soon 'LIVING UNDER THE SAME SKY' a book of Wolves Poetry

It’s all here in my hand
Sitting softly, gently
Looking up at me
The look of wonder
You are howling to me
I can see the sadness
Nothing is gladdening
Nothing is happening
One day my friend it will all end
Your sorrows, your pain
Your anguish
I feel it too
Right here within my heart and soul
Beside me stands a lone wolf
Tall and strong
Alert and observant
Aware of what is going on
He is keeping a vigil
He knows
His senses alert
Ears pricked forward
Is this his kith and kin?
That has yet to be born?
A messenger from the other realm
The swirling clouds encircling
The night sky, azure blue
All that I see is
The brightness of the light
That is in the palm of these hands
And the rainbow
Maybe just maybe
This dream and vision
Will happen one day
Hope is eternal
For now I hold this vision
This dream
I know what needs to be done
Can you trust me?
There is much work to be done
Time is not on your side
This where we come in
We feel it all
We will do our best
We will fight, we will be heard
We are your voice, we are the moment
Right here and now!

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th September 2012

All Rights Reserved

Revamped cover for SIMPLY MAGICAL a book of poems for Children coming soon

In a land so far, far away
The tune is so light and airy
Just like the fairy
The tune so light, so bright oh it is all right
That it is shining in the sky above
The sky an azure blue, oh such hue
Everyone dancing, even the horse is prancing
Way up there in the sky so high
The butterflies have spread their wings, oh such a thing!
Their golden wings revell
ing in the notes so clear
Even the petals of the flowers seem to be fluttering
With the flutes tune down on the ground amongst the
Grasses and trees, oh what a sight to see
The swishing, swaying, capering and gamboling sheep
Who are normally asleep!
But what is this?
There is boat in the sky, sailing by oh why?
Has the flutist got them in tune?
Riding the crest of the wave, way up there in the sky
There are giggling children, smiley faces in all the right places
Even the planets seem to be racing by and round and round
Leaving beautiful traces of gleaming, teeming, streaming wondrous trails behind
The flutist and her merry tune has everyone singing and dancing
Dancing and singing in a magical, mystical world
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2013

All Rights Reserved 

Friday, 28 June 2013


The harvest is reaped
No tears have been shed
The earth
And the Creator
Shone down
On his creation
All has not be lost
Through the winds
And the frosts
All is as should be
For all the family
The sharing
The caring
For kith
And kin
The young
And the old
For that is done
And shall be done
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

NOT THAT FAR AWAY #poetry nomination

Not That Far Away
One shining star
Shining your own light
Up there on the stage
And silver screen
Watching in the wings
Never saying a word
Not my world
Yours my shining star
Then the tables turned
You were watching
Events, situations
All the way through
Heck you scared me almost to death
Now I hear those three little words
And you have mine
So now what happens?
What has changed?
Or has it?
No judge or jury
Can fix this one
Or can they?
Not a chance!
This world has changed
From this date on
I am scared
Upside down
Inside out
So afraid
Time to come out in the open
No more up there either
And the using the in-betweeners
So please get on that flight
And come here to me
So that we can speak
Face to face
Do the right thing
Either ring or knock that door
No more messing
Any more
I love you too
Have done for more than you will ever know
© Teresa Joseph Franklin

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

COMING SOON 'Simply Magical' A book of poems for Children or a Gift for a new born child and mother

Fairy tales without the puppy dog tails
Fairy tales of long, long ago
Fairy tales when the dreams just flow and flow
Fluttering their golden wings here and there
Her wings so thin that they may break
But never fear they are too strong,
The tips of her wings like the Peacocks
Oh how they shine, oh divine
The magical, mystical little fairy girl
Her hair a golden, golden gleaming colour
She has made a daisy garland that adorns her head
She is the fairy of the land of nature
This little fairy girl holds what is so dear
The trees and all its leaves, the branches reaching
Tall and thin, the trunk so sturdy that it shall not fall
The grass so green, clean and clear
Within her hands she holds a doll
This doll is exactly just like her
Her dress an electric blue, oh what a hue!
When the night falls the stars do shine
Bringing much laughter that is yours and mine
They twinkle, sparkle from heavens divine
If you watch carefully, very carefully
They will be dancing a very happy tune
But these aren’t just twinkling stars oh no!
They are the magical, mysterious, and mythical
Fairies dancing just for you in your midnight dreams
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
26th June 2013

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Coming Soon From Cindy J Smith 'They Won't Shut UP her second Poetry Book


Voices in my Head
Talk all of the time
To music I feel
They add rhythm and rhyme
Emotions take flight
Grief, despair and love
Heart seeks to find hope
On wings of a dove
Their view of this world
Both nature and man
New angle embellished
To help understand
Walk for a minute
In other guys shoes
See why they might feel
So lost and confused
Dreams, flights of fancy,
Sarcasm and light pun
Work through frustrations
To friendship and fun
Open myself wide
Feel pure empathy
See how this world could
With love, truly be
Listen with your soul
To songs that I share
May see way to change
This world if you dare