Saturday, 18 May 2013

#ASMSG HEARTFELT BARING ALL (Volume One) is now in Paperback Edition



Take from the book of poems
‘Heartfelt Baring All’
This back is turned and not for turning around
I sit quietly here within this beauty spot
I have contemplated, anticipated and considered
Every angle that has been humanly possible
But for once there is a need to back track
A very, very short going back
There was no beauty, love that adorned
That wayward, unruly errant world
Now all I see is beauty that surrounds me
Filling this world with such wondrous glee
The only reflections that will be taking place
Will be the ones in the wondrous rivers, streams
The flowers, the trees, all carefree
Like this inward spirit should be
Happiness abound, no boundaries around
Love with all my heart, oh this shall never depart
So if you see me looking back
It’s only to backtrack for a little while
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
18th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

Friday, 17 May 2013

#ASMSG The Waning Moon

Taken from the book of poems
‘Dreams to Follow’

The waning moon
Is going too soon!
Its brilliance as a glistening silvery white
Has gone with the night
The stars are lingering, bringing delight
A sailor setting his course
A route that will steer them to lands far, far away
The waning moons reflection showing their direction
Keeping their eyes on course with the skyline
The rippling waves
Flowing, swelling, rising and falling
So softly, gently
Not a breath of wind can be felt
And here I stand and watch this splendor
Unfolding, enfolding me
Like a warm embrace
The air is so warm reflecting the waning moons
Brilliance, excellence
I will stay here till daybreak
Listen; watch all the sounds that will appear
And the waning moon disappear
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 16 May 2013

#ASMSG Now I have this story

Now I have this story of love and glory
Nothing gory I might add
Not a hint of sadness just heaps of gladness
Gladness that fills the heart and soul
No sourness, bitterness, unhappiness
It is a joyful song that I am writing 
Bringing lightness, brightness, happiness
So whilst I leave you to your day with love coming your way
Remember and never forget I am only heart beat away 
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Taken from the ‘Heartfelt Baring All’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
Whilst reminiscing, missing
I tinker at the piano keys and strings
A soft melody begins
A melody once sang and played
Played, played softly gently
Like a whisper in the wind
Never ending, never ceasing
A reflection, a replication
This can never, ever be reproduced
It was so special, exceptional, and individual
It was a love so undying, undeniable
Unquestionable, beautiful
You had me enthralled, entranced and enchanted
This world was filled with your beauty
Your charm, where I never came to any harm
Melody, melody! Oh what a tune!
You sang, sung, you hummed
You warbled, with a wobbled voice
My love, my sweet love my choice
Here I sit reminiscing
Missing you by the miles, your smiles
One day we will be reunited
With love and tenderness
Caress, caress embrace
With no departing
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
14th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 12 May 2013

#ASMSG Extract from the Wishing Well (NEW)

“Christabelle please tell me what is preying on your thoughts today? You seemed distracted since you came back from visiting a client”
“Dearest mother it is nothing much, time will tell if Mrs Gladstone passes my name in her circles as a dressmaker, she seemed quite pleased with the outcome of her dress, she loved the style with the lace around the neckline, and the full length skirting that would not drag on the ground getting muddy or dirty. But she seemed to be hesitant, not sure or certain that I could fulfil the amount of work on my own here within our cottage, and she also said maybe I need more help especially with the amount of clients that she would recommend me to. Oh mother what do I do? I really would like to be a successful dress maker more than anything else, but she is right in what she is saying. There is no way that I can afford to take on an extra pair of hands, also there is no room here to do it all. Father is home early most days and he does what he can and when he can, but we cannot expect him to do what we womenfolk do can we?
“Christabelle stop fretting my child. I have been thinking about this for a very long time now. There is a way around this. I know and realise that we do not have sufficient space within the cottage, but look outside there is a small stoned flat roofed building that is not in use, father keeps it for his tools I am sure that he could easily make some space for you in there. He could make you a table, a chair to sit on, shelves for all you materials. There is plenty of light that comes through that great tall and wide window; curtains can be easily made for privacy and keep the chill out too. So do not fret leave it with me and I will have words with father”
“But what of the workload mother there is much to do and coming my way hopefully”
“Christabelle have you forgotten I am here to help as and when I can, there is manier helping hand around the village who would be willing also to help you out and then if the clientele builds up then you can afford a seamstress pay them a decent wage. Go and find out what they actually do, some may be good shirt makers, my worried child you can see what I mean now, the load is not so burdensome, smile you will see. Now let’s not fret we have a long, long day ahead of us”