Saturday, 11 May 2013


Although we fight for
For whatever reason they maybe
There is always the basic
Essentials to be undertaken before hand
The standing on a
Solid ground
Foundations will need
The nitty-gritties
The essential facts and figures
Is our cause worth the fight?
Can we carry out the cause?
Or try to
Others to the cause
As times change
With motions
Not everyone agrees
The causes that are worth fighting for
Or are you standing alone?
And win the cause alone
In this end note
Thank you for standing for the cause

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th June 2012
All Rights Reserved

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Friday, 10 May 2013

#ASMSG extract from 'THE WISHING WELL'

Annabelle or Belle as Arthur calls her for short makes her way upstairs to the bell ladder which Arthur had made himself. It is made of wooden steps there is no rail on one side of the steps only a brick wall for support to the right. Arthur used strong, strong oak from a felled tree a long time ago when they first moved into the cottage; there was no other way that they could get up to the upper level of the cottage without a ladder. It took Arthur a long time to make with his own hands and tools, but once made they were able to make their own bedroom away from the hub bub of the downstairs living area. Arthur is home today, he is pottering about in his garden outside where he grows vegetables and flowers for Belle. Their youngest child and son Douglas has been gone since the break of dawn, he works for the local shop as the delivery boy. Douglas left school at the age of fourteen once his education was completed, Arthur knows that he is a strong boy and a proud one too, and said to his parents that he needed to go out to work to help bring in much needed income for the family since his father had an accident at the stables. Arthur ponders the lads future which he so wanted him to follow in his footsteps as the ploughman in the fields, but this never came about young Douglas went and sought employment wherever he could earn a wage.
Belle is now upstairs she takes the first steps towards hers and Arthur’s bedroom which is the largest in the cottage. It is airy and bright with sun shining through the double windows, the only possessions that they have in this room is a double wardrobe, two chests of drawers and their double bed. Belle had made all the curtains that are hanging which are of a floral design, mostly of the flowers that grow in the garden, poppies, daisies, daffodils too. With the remnants that were left over she had made a patchwork quilt, the shapes being designed into a star in the centre of the quilt with a blue background. All the patchwork quilts were made from Belle’s and daughter Christabelle handwork.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Standing On The Edge
Take from ‘On A Mission’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
Whilst standing here on the edge
With my trusty black steed
We see a battle below
Powerful, strong and in control
Pushing the marauders back
With a mighty attack
From this position I see their advantage
Their superiority and authority
Using maximum coerces
Their strong-arms compelling
They look tired and exhausted
But they are standing firm
These strong men and their beasts
Will not be beaten!
Raven is hovering above the snow covered trees
He sees, he watches, he’ll know when to join the battle
My trusted wolf restless, he wants to join the forces
But we must stay here for a short while
Not to stay out of the fray
It is finding a way
Safely, securely, surely
Down this mountain ridge
Across to the stony bridge
Flanked by warriors young and old
Oh their will be stories told!
Once this mission is enfold
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
9th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

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#ASMSG The Last Time This Is Being Bared

These feelings so real and true
Those feelings I shared with you
Those feelings that I showed to you
Showered you with
Adored you
Loved you
Those dam feelings of yours
How macabre, cadaverous
Hit and run
Run and hit
Hit and miss
Miss and hit
They have run their course
You left me feeling so bare
How dare I let it happen?
You smooth operator
You sneaked in
Crept in without this stupid woman knowing
Didn’t see it coming
Blind as a bat
Oh love is so blind to the fools
So now the invitation has been rescinded
Never, ever to call
To visit at all
This room feels quiet
So still and peaceful
No feelings of invasion
Invasion of privacy
Invasion of what I do or say
The freedom is mine once again
Now it is time for me to rescind this naked feeing
Get myself together again
Be as whole as whole

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
11th December 2012
All Rights Reserved

#ASMSG 'A Time To Reflect' part 5

A Time To Reflect
Take from the ‘On A Mission’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
 Taking a moment to reflect
With all that has been affected
The causes, the troubles
The losses, the losers
This mission, this one to end it all
Began with crossing the ridges, the bridges
Near and far distant lands
Broken and baron
Tattered and torn
The homeless, their burnt out homes
Wandering aimlessly for shelter
From the bitter, bitter cold
Their shattered, tattered expressions says it all
‘When does this end?’
Where does this end?’
His thoughts now saying
‘It ends with bitterness my friend’
But this mission will only be accomplished
When evil intent, malice, spite and hatred
Is eradicated, destroyed, exterminated
So his mission will seem endless
But he has his eyes in the sky
The Raven constantly by his side
The Wolf, his guardian, protector
Listening with his honed, tuned ears
Sniffing the air, with caution and care
His snowy white coat, a disguise in this snowy, snowy land
So far, far away from his pack
But the pack will understand and comprehend
They know of the struggles
The fight for their lands
Wiped out, wiping out
Man and wolf learning and teaching
From one another
Brothers and sisters coming together as one
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
8th May 2013
All Rights Reserved

Monday, 6 May 2013

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Being different from the crowd
Speaking out loud and proud
Contentious, pretentious
Who’s inventions?
Without the being argumentative
Or hostile
Debatable I maybe
Arguably you may agree
Controversial this I can be
Free to be
Just like anyone is free to be
At times but this is who I am
Never creating or causing disagreement
Never creating or causing hostility
Notorious who isn’t at times?
Never would I insult
But watch out for the defend
Pretentious is not with me
Heck what is that?
Never has and never will be
Who you see
And who I am is the real person
That speaks out loud
Always daring to push that boundary line
Way, way, way
Daring to be different
Love me or hate me
That is your choice
But heck we all have a voice

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
10th June 2012
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 5 May 2013

#ASMSG Extract from 'The Wishing Well ' part 2

Arthur and Annabelle’s home has been built from the local stone, cold in the winter, yet cool in the summer months. The cottage is of an average size. It is thatched from front to back on the roof, and there upon the thatch is a weather vane which turns when the wind blows giving the family a forecast of which way the wind is coming from. This was made by Annabelle’s father as a wedding present when they first set up home over sixteen years ago. A shire horse tethered to a post whilst the blacksmith hammers away on the anvil to make a new shoe. They are both depicted on the arrow, which then is welded to a post beneath; two balls are the pivotal point that holds everything together, the north, the south, the east and the west that turns and turns in the blowing winds. Michael Crawford must have taken ages to forge all the shapes especially the balls. He had also decided that the colour should be black so that it would stand the tests of time with all the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Inside their cottage which is sparsely decorated. There were high oak beams stretching from one end of the cottage to the other in the attic, and the living spaces downstairs. The walls have been white washed to bring and air of lightness and brightness that would otherwise would have been dim, gloomy and dark, the sun gleaming outside their cottage is coming in through the windows lifting the shadows away. Also inside their cottage hangs their precious plates, pictures of horses, the beautiful landscape that surrounds their village and far off places, one such precious plate that belongs to Annabelle and Arthur is of a church that they were married in. Their memories of all the family gathering at the happy event. The blossom blossoming on the trees outside of the church in the month of April pink and white so like Annabelle’s dress that she wore. Below these precious plates is a shelf that Arthur had put up so that Annabelle could place her crockery, cups, saucer, plates and jugs. Hooks can be seen under the bottom of the shelf for her pots and pans for cooking, not many but enough for their sized family.
(c) Teresa Joseph Franklin
All Rights Reserved

#ASMSG Sailing Away On A Silent Night

Sailing away on a silent night
Take from the book of poems
‘Simply Magical’
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
The twinkling starry night
Shining so bright
The heavenly sky
Azure blue, with a hint of sapphire too
A tall ship sailing by
On the calmest of seas
Where its destination is no one knows
But the gentlest of winds blows
A maiden propped against the tall tree
Blowing a kiss, so that the sailor will not miss
Her on the sailing trip, he carries her heart
So that they are never depart
He watches from the tall ship
There in the distance she has lit her candles
With a lily in the centre barely visible
To his eyes, he can just about see his love
And sweetheart
Their love story only just beginning
But this is not the end
They both know this is just a moment in time
They will be together once again
And never be apart
He’ll work the land like his forefathers
Bring back the riches that she so deserves
His Lily, his love, the treasure of his heart
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th May 2013
All Rights Reserved