Sunday, 15 October 2017


Through the sands of time
Where we can be restricted with our lives
We sail through time not knowing where we are
Not knowing where it has gone
The sands can sink beneath us
Drowning, drowning us completely
The sands of time has us captured
The sand of time has us imprisoned
Bogged down, bogging us down
Where our sails can no long sail
Sail in the fair winds
Stuck in one direction going no where
Nowhere to be free
Time and motion stuck
Stuck in a rut
Beached like a war ship
A war ship of the past
So, so here in the present
Presenting our fears, with no tears
What can we do?
Is there anything that we can do?
To release all the pent up troubles
That rolls; roll on the rocky rocks and seas
Can we release the shackles that chain us?
And take control of our emotions
Take control of that helm
And steer ourselves out of the murky waters
Into calmer seas, into where we were before
Can we steer ourselves from the rocky shores?
Life steers us in different directions
But are they the right ones?
The true ones!
Can you hear the inner voice?
Calling you to come home
To your true self
True selves
I can hear it calling you to come closer
To stop drowning, drowning
So let’s sail away and leave our troubles behind
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
15th October 2017

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 18 September 2017


So here we are little guy
Both abandoned and alone
Guess we can make it, what do you reckon?
There seems to be quite a few of us now
Homeless, feeling hopeless
But I reckon we are a band of
Brothers and sisters
Caring for each other
Looking out for each other too
Yes little fella you to
How can anybody do that to you?
Thrown out like a piece of garbage
You’re only a little tiny scrap
Yes you can look
Can you read me like a book?
You’re purring, that’s a good sign
It’s a cruel world out there too
Today it’s just me and you
Everyone jostling, fighting
The streets, the metros, the undergrounds too
We used to feel safe there but not any more
Do the others feel safe?
Not sure as we do not ask
The jeer at us
The spit at us
They look down on us
When we are just like them
Human beings that’s it pure and simple
They’ll look at us with our animals
And think
But never say
“How cruel to keep any animal”
But we treasure our pets, we are never cruel
Are yours treasured and are yours treated well?
Please never judge us, as we never judge you!
Do you see the love in our eyes?
These eyes that at times we disguise
We’ve walked through these streets in history
History, history
Yet there has never been anyone to tell it
Ignored most of the time
Beggars and thieves
Is what they have called us!
And they still do not understanding
Our very own history
There has been an animal with us for centuries
But yet we have fed and kept them warm
Yes money well spent on them!
Not just the drugs and booze
Like some of them, not helping themselves
Most of us are trying, trying very hard
To find a home once again, with our pets
To be with our families once again
And here is a history
They do not want to know us!
Disowned us
Heart breaking, heart wrenching
But this is the way of the world
Or so I am told
So now that I have said my piece
I’ll let you say yours
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
17th September 2017

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 28 August 2017


But surely there is!
I’m not back tracking with my journal
Just taking a glance at what has been happening
I know, the past is the past
Let it go and go with the flow
Like the stream before me
The past needs a re-write
A measure of putting things right
A measure of apologising
Where there was so much wrong-doing
Where there was too much assuming, presuming
You walked out!  You shouted
This woman changed, you hated it!
But this is where it shall finally end
 No more pretending to be what others want me to be!
I shall always speak my piece
And be at peace
You may say this seems harsh
But there is no more hushing
No more walking on eggshells
I’m no longer that kind of girl
That world does me no usages, uses
Oh those cowboys and their kisses
Oh girl loads of mistakes and forgiveness
Pieces, pieces tattered and torn
Dreams shattered, love taken for granted
So here I am sat, saddened
Not just a little girl, but a woman
A huge amount of confidence sunk like a ship
Being tossed from side to side
Tears drowning me
Oh boy how you wore your disguise
But I found you out in the pages of this journal
Two timer with your ex-girlfriend
But that was then and this is now!
Time to turn the pages
Time to re-write the good times ahead
So as this day draws to an end
The summer almost gone
But not quite forgotten
I shall remember these days of reflection
The times on this river bank
And really look that nothing really sank
It is still floating with hope and faith
For much better days ahead
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
29th August 2017
All Rights Reserved

Friday, 18 August 2017

JUST BEING ALONE (taken from the book of poems (Little Book of Angelic Poems)

It is such a wondrous feeling
This entire wide expanse
The oceans, the seas
Oh such a feeling to be free
Cooped up, shut up
No more a prisoner of their emotions
Their actions
Their blackmails
An end of an era
An end of an eon
Oh this is the best to be alone
But not alone
You are here, you are there
You are everywhere
You’re by my side
And here in my heart where you reside
Watching, guarding, protecting
I hear your gentle whisper
Softly, gently
Telling me, showing me
“That all is well”
“The path is clear my dear”
My quiet, silent Angel
With all your unconditional love
How blessed, lucky that makes me feel
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th December 2013

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 16 August 2017



The days of heaven sent
The days of sunshine
With no regrets
Leave the dark, dark
Clouds way behind
Let the inner spirit soar
Way beyond
The clouds and skies
So like the Eagle flies
Let the past be gone
It’s gone
But not forgotten
There is nothing can be done
Except to move on
And upwards bound
To all life’s sounds
The searching
Seeking, observing the truths
And knowledge’s
The Earth astounds
With all the
Sounds and visions
Mystical, spiritual, beauties
Our Mother Earth
Holds dear
With no fear
Let this be the day
Of sunshine
With no rain
Like the tear drops
From the years gone by
Let this be the day
The day of all days
As all
Should be

© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th may 2012

All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 13 August 2017

With Effect I Am A Practicing Psychologist

With effect at the time of writing this blog, I am now a practicing Psychologist

You can email me at or

Thursday, 10 August 2017

STICK THEM UP (Friday Fun Poem)


Stick them up
Oh give it a break
For goodness sake
You always want to fight
It is not right
You are bully at times
And frighten me at times
I may be scrawny
But I sure aren’t weak
But by heck
You’re going to get it
Oh by the way its
No fighting day
Just a rest day
Fun day
Cos mum is watching
And look out if she sees
You with those fists
Stuck up!
What is your problem?
You are always such a bother
Just go and leave me alone
And pick on someone else
Or better still don’t!
That causes more trouble
And that isn’t worth it
Right now
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th May 2012

All Rights Reserved