Sunday, 13 August 2017

With Effect I Am A Practicing Psychologist

With effect at the time of writing this blog, I am now a practicing Psychologist

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

STICK THEM UP (Friday Fun Poem)


Stick them up
Oh give it a break
For goodness sake
You always want to fight
It is not right
You are bully at times
And frighten me at times
I may be scrawny
But I sure aren’t weak
But by heck
You’re going to get it
Oh by the way its
No fighting day
Just a rest day
Fun day
Cos mum is watching
And look out if she sees
You with those fists
Stuck up!
What is your problem?
You are always such a bother
Just go and leave me alone
And pick on someone else
Or better still don’t!
That causes more trouble
And that isn’t worth it
Right now
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
20th May 2012

All Rights Reserved

THE SOFTEST OF SOUNDS (taken from the Heart Music Album)

The softest sounds come from the heart
Where nothing can tear that apart
The sweet, sweet rhythms of a heart beat
The flow of energy, flowing gently
Very much like the ebony and ivory
Of the piano chords
The highs that sound like a whisper
The pounding beat of the low notes
Base drums beating with all that is
Sounding out the rhythms for the ballerina
Tap, tap, tip, tip toeing
Flowing, curving, rolling
The elegance, the grace
So fluent, so self-assured
So self-confident, so self-possessed
The tune, the melody
Striking a balance
For us to swing to
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th April 2013

All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

LOVE IS A TUNE (taken from the Heart Music Album)

So melodic and tuneful
The sweet pleasant-sounding of your voice
That whispers such lyrics within these ears
The enjoyable moments that is spent with you
A duet so soothing, calming
Peaceful, quieting, appeasing
A tune and lyrics
Full of passion and fire
That is so desired
Desirable, irresistible
Tantalizingly seductive
With every touch
That I feel
So compelling strong that nothing can
Reach this fever pitch
The lyrics so uncontrollable
Love is a tune so melodically
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
5th August 2013

All Rights Reserved

Monday, 7 August 2017


This summer has flown by
I can feel a nip in the air
We had not a care
We just looked at each other as if to say
“Do we dare?”
“Shall we dare?”
Oh heck, what the heck
We did just that
We smooched in public
We kissed, oh those kisses
The sun shining down on us
Oh the rush
Our blood pulsating
Our hearts pulsating 
Our pulses pulsating 
And here is the question!
Where has the time flown?
We are still lovers
Best of friends
Yet I am here and you are not
No, this is not a love gone wrong!
Far, far from it
You are once again on your tour of duty
In some far flung country
You cannot say where
And I fully understand
Your duty to our country is beyond outstanding
I am so proud of you
Yours and mine
Two families supporting, being supportive
The moon and the stars are ours
We can look to heavens and find our own special star
The moon rises and falls in our own places
You wherever you are
I’m sat here in this sunny spot
Watching and waiting for the signs
This way we never feel so apart
The times spent apart feels as if my heart is wrenching 
Even though I try to stay strong
But I know I won’t be too long
You sail across those oceans
From those far distant places
Then I’ll know that you’ll be back safe and sound
Till possibly a next time
But who knows right now
Each day is spent so specially, special
Never planning any plans
Moments are treasured not measured
Yes each and every day that you are away
Days seemed to drag by
Even though I try to fill them meaninglessly
Picking flowers, drying flowers as mementoes
Of what you have missed
The days seem to pass
Only four more sleeping nights
And that is it and then you are home
Home to these loving arms
Arms that have missed holding you
Arms that have missed being entwined with you
See you soon my love!
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
7th August 2017

All Rights Reserved

Saturday, 5 August 2017

SAIL AWAY (children's poem)

Simply sail away so far away
To the seas far and wide
Oceans new and old
Simply sail away on a crest of a wave
Waving all your worries, trouble way behind
Simply sailing away with the moon lit night
Golden, simply a one-off
It is a guiding light shining so bright
Mystifying, magical, mythical
Alluring, hypnotising, enticing
Fair maidens from a mystical world
Watching, guarding your sailing away
The heavens adorned with rippling
Myriads of colours
Azure blue, oh what a wonderful hue
The moon lit night revealing the wondrous
Colours of the sea
Golden yellow, azure blue
And the emerald greens for all to be seen
The fair maidens sounding the sea shells
Oh such wondrous colours
Oh what a wondrous sight
Bringing much delight
To the weathered minds, bodies and souls
Of the sails men, sea men, of the tall ships sailing simply away
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
19th May 2013

All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 3 August 2017


This power of light
That you hold in your hands
Can bring miracles
Bring light to the dark
Drawing you through
With all its might
Its speed
Potency of strength
Magnitude of size
Crystal clear
Pulsating with energy
Take it
Use it
For all its worth
For the goodness
It’s made for
© Teresa Joseph Franklin
4th June 2012

All Rights Reserved